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Authorized Reseller for Switzerland

TheyFit® Custom Fit Condoms

Revolutionary TheyFit custom fit condoms come in 66 different sizes, because a better fit means better sex.

TheyFit condoms are pre-lubricated, colourless and odourless. TheyFit condoms meet the strict safety requirements of the CE mark. For discretion and privacy, TheyFit custom fit condoms have randomised size codes. is the only authorized TheyFit reseller for Switzerland. If you live in another country, please go to

How do I find the right size for me?

Download the FitKit

Download and print the free FitKit. Follow the directions to find the perfect length/width combination, then click on your personal code in the table below to order your custom fitted TheyFit condoms.

Important: Make sure your printer is not scaling the printout. This setting is usually found on the Print/Advanced dialog box - look for 'page scaling' and set it to None.

To find out your exact fit, use the TheyFit FitKit to measure the length and width of your penis. With the reference that you obtain you will be able to order the condom made for you!

  • Custom fit condom
  • Lubricated
  • Colourless
  • Odourless
  • Latex

To buy TheyFit condoms, click on your custom fit size below:

TheyFit® Custom Fit Condoms
  11 17 21 22 31 33 44 55 66 77 88 99
A A11 A17 A21 A22 A31 A33 A44 A55 A66 A77 A88 A99
B B11 B17 B21 B22 B31 B33 B44 B55 B66 B77 B88 B99
D D11 D17 D21 D22 D31 D33 D44 D55 D66 D77 D88 D99
E E11 E17 E21 E22 E31 E33 E44 E55 E66 E77 E88 E99
G G11 G17 G21 G22 G31 G33 G44 G55 G66 G77 G88 G99
I I11 I17 I21 I22 I31 I33 I44 I55 I66 I77 I88 I99
J J11 J17 J21 J22 J31 J33 J44 J55 J66 J77 J88 J99
L L11 L17 L21 L22 L31 L33 L44 L55 L66 L77 L88 L99
M M11 M17 M21 M22 M31 M33 M44 M55 M66 M77 M88 M99
N N11 N17 N21 N22 N31 N33 N44 N55 N66 N77 N88 N99
O O11 O17 O21 O22 O31 O33 O44 O55 O66 O77 O88 O99
S S11 S17 S21 S22 S31 S33 S44 S55 S66 S77 S88 S99
U U11 U17 U21 U22 U31 U33 U44 U55 U66 U77 U88 U99
Z Z11 Z17 Z21 Z22 Z31 Z33 Z44 Z55 Z66 Z77 Z88 Z99

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