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Anallock - Steel cockring with anal lock - 40 mm (S)

from Rimba
Anallock - Steel cockring with anal lock - 40 mm (S) CHF 79.90 In Stock In StockFree Shipping!
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from Rimba

Steel cockring with attached anal plug for a one of a kind sensation. The anal plug feels great as it moves inside you with every thrust.

Ring diameter: 40 mm
Plug diameter: 40 mm
Material: Steel
Color: Silver

Anallock - Steel cockring with anal lock - 40 mm (S)

Customer Reviews for Anallock - Steel cockring with anal lock - 40 mm (S)

5 out of 5 (3 reviews)
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« Gotta get it. »

By piercem29 on 06/06/2016

I have accumulated several sex toys in recent years; masturbators, cock rings, ball stretchers, prostate massagers, and the like. I thought I would try the Anallock, since it looks pretty cool and performs two functions. Ordering was easy and the device arrived within 2 days. The feel is really solid and the size of the ball was intimidating at first. With plenty of lube and a bit of patience, I finally got it in. Getting the rest on was also not so easy the first time, but then.... the feeling was fantastic. Just walking around is highly stimulating. Went to the grocery store with a smile. Sitting and rocking is also quite nice. Long story short, I've been using it every day for the past week. Inserting and removing gets easier over time so already I am glad that the ball is 40 mm (not like some others that are only 30). 100% satisfied customer!

« Gotta get it »

By piercem29 on 05/06/2016

I have several sex toys; masturbators, anal plugs, cock rings, and ball stretchers. I bought this device for its two in one function. And it really does! Hard to insert initially, but after 5 consecutive days it's much easier. Also quite addictive. Great to casually walk around in, sit and rock , or enhance your sexual experience. Well worth the money and the delivery was also very quick and discreet.

« More than I expected »

By piercem29 on 03/06/2016

I've been wearing stainless steel ball stretchers and a super 8 cock ring the past couple of years. Looking for something new, I ordered the smallest Anallock - steel cocking on a Monday. It arrived 2 days later and I was eager to try it out. The size of the 40 mm ball was a bit intimidating for me. It took lots of lube and patience to get it in and then wow. I had a couple of other anal toys, but this just moved around so smoothly and was easy to control with any chance of falling out. Getting my balls and dick thorough the ring was also a bit of a strain the first time, but well worth it. Just sitting or walking feels great. For masturbating its also fantastic, based on four consecutive days experience. Also during this time, inserting and removing the ball has gotten a bit easier. Tomorrow we're going to work together.

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