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Andro Vita Pheromones Both Natural - 30 ml

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AndroVita Pheromone | Top quality scents
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New Andro Vita Pheromones Both perfume for him and her. Andro Vita Both is scentless and transparent.

Andor Vita Both the pheromone composition of male and female pheromones.

Pheromones are secreted by insects, mammals and by human, for attracting the other sex. The effect of the most important human pheromone is particularly interesting, because it is not notable by your vis-à-vis directly. The olfactory-information of the pheromones in the nose are directly transmitted to the brain. Already a very low dosage of pheromones activates an impulse in the brain in split seconds.

Andro Vita uses top-quality, synthetic made pheromones, which have an effect on human. The pheromones are harmonized specially either on men or women in their effect. Andro Vita Pheromones are highly concentrated and already effective in low dosage.

• To be applied by both sexes
• For erotic and irresistible attraction.
• Made in Germany

Neutral perfume, odourless.

Contains: 30 ml

Andro Vita Pheromones Both Natural - 30 ml

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