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Andropenis Gold Penis Enlargement Device

Andropenis Gold Penis Enlargement Device CHF 198.90

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Andropenis is a non-surgical penis enlarger which grows your penis by means of the medical principle of traction, enabling a genuine lengthening of 0.5 cm per month (according to scientific studies).

In addition to increasing the size and thickness of your penis, Andropenis corrects the curvature of the penis (Peyronie's disease) by up to 40%, whilst simultaneously making the penis longer. Andropenis is non-surgical and does not leave any scars or other secondary effects, which is not the case for those who undergo Peyronie surgery.

Surgeons have been using the principle of traction for skin grafts, and to regenerate tissue, for years now. The mechanism used by Andropenis is similar, but, due to the nature of the tissues in the penis, it is easier to use when it comes to extending the length of the penis.

Andropenis can be worn under your clothes whilst you are sitting down, standing or walking, and it applies a graduated force of traction, within a range between 600 grams and 1500 grams. The force of traction stimulates growth of the suspensory ligament, the cavernous bodies and the other tissues in the penis, thereby genuinely extending the length of the penis during the course of the day. Suitable for a penis with a length of 10 cm or more.

The kit contains:
- 1 Andropenis Gold penis enlarger
- 2 Androsilicone bands
- 2 Androtop gels
- 2 Protective Cushions
- 2 Andro Comfort bands
- Instructions (in French, German, English… )

The storage box is not included with this kit.

Andropenis Gold Penis Enlargement Device

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