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BEDSPICE aphrodisiac chocolate for women (4 x 35 g)

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Try BEDSPICE today, the first aphrodisiac chocolate for women! This dark chocolate is infused with six herbs selected for their aphrodisiac and stimulating powers. It has been specially developed to boost the female libido and stimulate sexual arousal, and is organic and vegan. What’s more, all the ingredients are fair trade. offers BEDSPORT and BEDSPICE exclusively in Switzerland, two chocolates specially designed to boost libido and enhance sexual fulfilment.

BEDSPICE chocolate stimulates women’s desire and libido. It is designed with organic, vegan, gluten free, lactose free and Fair Trade ingredients. This dark chocolate contains six herbs carefully selected for their aphrodisiac effects: maca, damiana, muira puama, ashwagandha, cinnamon and ginger. These chocolates are made by Zotter Schokoladen, a world renowned Austrian chocolatier, guaranteeing a high quality product that meets the highest ethical standards.

• BEDSPICE Chocolate aphrodisiac for women
• Natural, vegan and fair trade ingredients
• Chocolate infused with 6 herbs known for their aphrodisiac effects
• Gluten and lactose free
• Compact and handy size

Ingredients: Cocoa paste (75%), aphrodisiac herbs (7.5%), raw cane sugar, cocoa butter and salt
Content: 4 BEDSPICE chocolate bars 35 g

BEDSPICE aphrodisiac chocolate for women (4 x 35 g)

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