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JoyDivision AQUAglide Lubricant - 50 ml (water based)

JoyDivision AQUAglide Lubricant - 50 ml (water based) CHF 6.90 In Stock In StockFree Shipping!
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Water soluable dermatologically and clinically tested lubricant gel is also greaseless. This is suitable for menstrual cups and Smartballs.

Approved as a medical product
Under continuous quality control
Dermatological and clinically tested
Skin friendly (extra sensitive)
Long lasting lubrication
High-quality and economical
100 % condom compatible
Water-based and greaseless
Oral sex compatible
Made in Germany

Contains: 50 ml

JoyDivision AQUAglide Lubricant - 50 ml (water based)

Customer Reviews for JoyDivision AQUAglide Lubricant - 50 ml (water based)

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« Exactly what expected from it »

By Kh on 16/10/2016

It is a perfect lubrificant to be used with toys that could be damaged with non-water-based ones. Works well, doesn't leave any smell or any unpleasant sensation.
Like all water-based lubrificant, it can be a bit tricky to be used in a shower, as the water washes it away: knowing that, since it doesn't leave any trace it can be used anywhere without fear of ruining surfaces or linen.

« Cheap and good »

By Leo on 24/07/2016

It's good for everything, I really recommend it. If it dries out jut add a little bit of water. Hope to buy more in the future!