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Bathmate Hydrodouche Intime Cleaning System - Unisex

5 out of 5 (1 review)
Bathmate Hydrodouche Intime Cleaning System - Unisex CHF 129.90

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Bathmate Hydrodouche - for clean fun and great sex.

Designed for use in the shower and suitable for both men and women, the Bathmate Hydrodouche uses the best materials and build quality to satisfy all your douching needs. Not only is it simple to use, it has also been proven to be very effective.

Personal hygiene device designed to be used in the shower
Every component is made from medical grade material
Fits any shower
Multi direction flow Nozzle

Attaches to your shower
The adjustable fitting means the hydrodouche easily attaches to any showerhead or pole.

Gravity fed system
The Hydrodouche requires no pumping or squirting, just let gravity do the hard work for you.

Gentle & controllable
The water stream is relaxing & comfortable, but you can control if you want more or less power.

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Clean & Hygienic
The Hydrodouche nozzle can be removed for easy cleaning or sterilising.

How to use the Bathmate Hydrodouche
Start your shower and select a suitable water temperature. Allow the hydro chamber to fill with water until it overflows. Remove the hydro wand from the holder and whilst holding it with the tip pointing downwards, fully open the flow regulator thereby allowing the water to flow through the hose displacing any air. Once a steady flow is achieved, double-check the water temperature is correct and adjust the flow regulator to the desired level. Check that there is sufficient water in the chamber for the intended use and top up if necessary. Alternately the shower head may be positioned over the chamber to provide a constant flow.

The Hydrodouche Includes:
- Adjustable Securing Strap
- Mounting Bracket/Hydro Wand Holder
- Hydro Chamber
- Chamber Connector
- Hose
- Flow Regulator
- Hydro Wand Connector
- Hydro Wand
- Lubricant gel

Materials: Polycarbonate
Vessel / Chamber capacity: 550 ml
Chamber height: 22 cm
Hose length: 2 m
Hydro wand length: 32 cm
Strap length: 110 cm

Bathmate Hydrodouche Intime Cleaning System - Unisex

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 (1 review)

By Teaseded on 24/01/2018
Quality Design and Great Product

The overall design and function of this system is great. The tubing is a perfect length so you are not tied to one spot yet not so long as to be difficult to store or clean, the rigid reservoir design makes filling and refilling very easy, and the nozzle is by far the best design I have ever seen or used for a cleansing system. I highly recommend choosing this system only if you are willing to take a few extra steps to care for it.

The materials are all high quality for what they are, but I think they could have designed some components with longer lasting or more durable materials, considering this is something that can easily drop. The instructions do warn that the plastics used are sensitive and are not designed to take much abuse. But as I said, with a little extra care and attention, this kit should last quite a while.

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