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Hydromax Bathmate

Hydromax Bathmate

Bathmate from Hydromax is the most popular hydropump for penis enlargement manufacturer in Europe. The Bathmate pump is 250% more efficiant than air pumps. Sex shop is the official retailer of Bathmate in Switzerland. Depending on your actuel penis size and budget, you have the choice in between the Bathmate Hydromax Hercules, X30, X40, Goliath or Xtreme.

Which Bathmate penis pump should I buy?

The penis pump will allow you to experience new sensations. It is a penis enlargement device. The penis pump cylinder sucks in air, resulting in increased blood flow to the erectile tissues. The penis pump also helps to maintain, regain or obtain a good erection. The results of penis augmentation will sometimes be visible after a few weeks of use.

The Bathmate range currently includes five models of penis enlargers, but which to choose? Two criteria need to be taken into account when making this choice: the size of your erect member and your budget.

Currently, the English manufacturer proposes five water pumps, including the Hydromax which is the latest generation of these hydraulic enlargers.

Bathmate Hercules
The Hercules penis pump is 250 times more effective than an air pump. Real results, incredibly fast. Ideal for small penises.

Bathmate X20
This Bathmate X20 penis pump is the smallest in the range. It is specially adapted for penises with an initial length of about 10 cm.

Bathmate X30
The Hydromax X30 is modern and efficient: it offers greater suction strength, an improved seal and rapid enlargement with greater comfort.

Bathmate X40
The Bathmate Hydromax X40 penis pump is larger than the X30 and the Hercules. It offers an additional suction force of 35%. Improved seal and improved comfort of use.

Bathmate Xtreme X50
Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X50 is the largest penis pump in the Bathmate range. It is 30% larger than the X30 version and 15% larger than the X40 version. It is intended for men whose penis measures at least 20 cm when erect.

For a pleasant as well as an intense experience, we recommend you choose cosmetics from the Bathmate range, available below for you to discover.

Bathmate Control delay gel
Apply a small amount of Control Bathmate delay gel directly on to the penis for a desensitising effect. It promotes longer-lasting sexual relations and increased control.

Bathmate Jelqing MaxOut enlargement serum
Its use increases the speed of penis enlargement when practicing Jelqing exercises or when using a Bathmate penis pump.

Bathmate Clean cleanser for sex toys
It has been specially formulated to perfectly clean and disinfect your sex toys and other erotic accessories.

The British brand has thought of everything, and also offers a line of accessories for its penis pumps.

Long and comfortable insert
To increase the penis pump's ease of use, with a perfect seal and a maximum suction effect.

Comfort Pad
Pack of three replacement pads, which allow to improve comfort of use while providing a perfect seal.

Hydrodouche intimate cleaning system
This practical intimate cleaning system will provide irreproachable hygiene. Intimate cleaning is much more enjoyable and effective than with a traditional anal bulb. Its operation is simple: simply fix the Hydrodouche receptacle on your shower bar or head thanks to the supplied strap, fill the receptacle and let the water flow.

Shower strap
The Bathmate shower strap allows you to use your Bathmate penis pump even more comfortably. It attaches around the neck and on the front of your Bathmate, to easily support the pump as it is used.

Hydromax cleaning kit
This kit includes a brush that has been specially designed to easily clean the inside of the Bathmate, with two foaming cleaners. Two wipes in ultra-absorbent fabric. A bag to store your maintenance accessories.
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