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Billy Boy Endurance (6 Condoms)

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Billy Boy condoms
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Billy Boy Endurance condoms have a ring that squeezes the penis and delays ejaculation by controlling blood flow.

The shape of these Billy Boy Endurance condoms helps you to last longer and give your partner complete satisfaction. Unlikely other ejaculation delaying condoms, they do not contain benzocaine. Made in Germany from natural rubber latex, these Billy Boy condoms are transparent, smooth and lubricated. With reservoir tip.

Secure with good fit thanks to inbuilt ring
A natural way to prolong sex
Contoured, 0.1 mm thick
With reservoir tip
Made from natural rubber latex

Size: 52 mm nominal width - 175 mm long
Contains: 6 Billy Boy Endurance condoms

Billy Boy Endurance (6 Condoms)

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