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Booty Beads 2 Anal Vibrator

4.3 out of 5 (4 reviews)
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Booty Beads 2 - The anal beads with plenty of length and beads in abundance...they値l soon have you picking up good vibrations!

This anal vibrator can be twisted and folded every which way, and will make you feel the vibrations from head to toe thanks to its powerful vibrating capsule, the PowerBullet Breeze. These anal beads have three different vibration intensity settings, so you値l get plenty of variation on the pleasure front.

These anal beads are made of Silk Soft Breeze, a silky-soft, easy-clean fabric. They come with three sets of batteries - for three times the pleasure.

Material: Smooth Coated Plastic (phthalate free)
Insertable length: 17.5 cm
Insertable diameter: 0.8 to 1.5 cm
Power supply: 4 LR44 batteries (12 included)
Colour: Black

Booty Beads 2 Anal Vibrator

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 (4 reviews)

By Zugfun on 24/02/2016
Flexible and useful vibrator

This is the little version of the Mega Booty Beads which we have also owned. The bigger ones are better as they are stronger and use a single AA battery. This smaller version is also good but uses button batteries and is not as long that's why we gave it only 4 stars. Apart from that it's a great toy not just for insertion but more importantly as a super flexible clit vibrator for foreplay and especially during sex.

By Marc on 30/08/2015
Very good product with durability issues

First to the product itself:
The beads are lined up on a metal rod allowing them to be bent and stay in that shape during use. Paired with the strong vibrating motor they allow for very intense anal play, and really feel impressive.
The bullet takes 4 LR44 as power source, which is a shame in my opinion, as it is large enough to house some more common batteries. However it gets delivered with 3 sets so you're good for a while.

Now to the only real downside:
The beads have an ingenious cleaning mechanism, allowing them to be screwed open and separated. Unfortunately on my set, this mechanism broke after just two uses, basically twisting apart the aforementioned metal rod. In retrospect I may should have been more careful while operating the lock mechanism, but I did not apply strong force, so I consider this a weakness.
Therefore, be very careful when cleaning them and enjoy the great experience they offer.

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