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Ceylor Tight Feeling (100 Condoms)

Ceylor Tight Feeling (100 Condoms)

Excellent snugger fit condom

By Ralph on 04/04/2020

This condom is realy amazing. It is made for those men who have a long thin penis. My penis measures 6.8 inch (17.5 cm) long and 4 inch (10.1cm) girth. So if you have a long and thin penis these are excellent. They are a bit difficult to put on in the beginning but once it is on it feels great.

Ceylor Non-Latex ultra thin - non-latex (6 Condoms)

Ceylor Non-Latex ultra thin - non-latex (6 Condoms)

Very pleasant

By Stefan on 17/12/2017

For me the best condoms on the market when it comes to feeling. Comes very close to the feeling of not wearing a condom at all. Althougn they are thin, they are also solid.

Ceylor is a ‘made in Switzerland’ label. Their vast range of condoms features the label ‘OK’, which provides you with a guarantee that Ceylor satisfies the strictest quality requirements in the world. offers you a wide range of models, such as the Hotshot, Gold and Large ranges and plenty more.
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