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Classic Condom

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Ceylor Bande Bleue/Blauband (12 Condoms)

Ceylor Bande Bleue/Blauband (12 Condoms)


By Nick on 12/02/2022

Perfect condoms, great packaging. Easy to open and fast to use since they're already packaged in the right way round. Been using them for the past 5 years.

Manix Super (28 Condoms)

Manix Super (28 Condoms)

Good quality but not good smell

By sam on 05/05/2020

It was the first time I bought from this brand. The condom was good quality, but it smells not very good. For this reason, I still prefer Durex and won't buy it anymore.

Classic condoms come in a standard size, and are odourless and unscented, with a smooth surface and reservoir tip. In general, they fit the vast majority of men. They are the perfect condoms for combining pleasure and natural sensations.
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