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Find the perfect condom in our wide selection of the best condoms in Switzerland. We have in stock all the high quality brands such as Durex, Manix, Ceylor, Billy Boy and Fair Squared. Buy now the condoms you need, free delivery on the sex shop.

Condoms and contraception - safety first!

Whatever people might say about other methods, condoms remain the only form of total protection during sex. Even in the 21st century, no better aids to safe sex have been invented than the male and female condoms. They protect against sexually transmitted diseases, but thatís not all! Thatís why these sheaths, mostly made of natural rubber latex, should be central to your sex life.

The benefits of condom use are well-known, so the market is full of various brands and models - it can be hard to know where to begin! Each brand offers countless different types. Our sexy online shop offers you a wide selection of the best brands. We have Durex, Ceylor, Manix, BillyBoy, Fair Squared, Einhorn, My Size and many more in stock and available on

Youíre sure to find the right one for you amongst our wide and varied range. These are just some of the different models that we have available in our sexy online shop. We have condoms with all sorts of different features, such as lubricated, extra lubricated, classic, latex free, ultra-thin, large, king size, extra strong, stretchy, flavoured (strawberry, apple, banana, PiŮa Colada, Daiquiri), small (for teenagers), stimulating, textured, coloured, extra-comfortable, sized to fit, mutual orgasm, vegan (fair trade), hard-wearing, with applicator, glow-in-the-dark, specially designed for oral sex - and then there are female condoms too!

It is important to remember that condoms have two separate functions, firstly preventing unintended pregnancy and secondly protecting against HIV and other STIs. Recently, female condoms have started to appear on the contraceptive market, meaning that either the man or the woman can take on the responsibility of wearing them - wearing a condom can take something away from sex, so being able to share this responsibility is an important step. Women can insert female condoms into their vaginas to cover the vaginal walls, and both lovers can feel the thrusting sensations more fully.

For safe and spontaneous sex, you need good quality condoms, and to be vigilant about expiration dates. Explore new horizons of pleasure with our various models and brands of condoms and contraceptives at!
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