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Crave Duet Lux Vibrator with 16GB Flash Drive - Gold-Plated

from Crave
from Crave
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Duet Lux vibrator by Crave - Elegant and multifunctional. The most versatile of the vibes, as well as the most luxurious.

The unique shape of the Duet Lux enables every woman to find the most exciting combination of edges, surfaces and vibrations for her own delight. Because every woman's body is different, the Duet Lux offers an unprecedented range of possibilities and sensations. The Duet Lux also has built in data storage for your most intimate bits and bytes.

The unique dual tip design surrounds the clitoris and amplifies vibration where you want it most. The front side of the tip is different from the back to allow new sensations.

The Duet Lux has 16GB of data storage to keep your most private content off your computer.

24 Karat gold plating with high quality metal base and unique motor mounts keep the vibration at the silicone tips and not in your hand.

Sleek and satisfying
Dynamic and discreet, the Duet Lux packs surprising power in dual micro-engines. With four vibration modes and four power levels, you'll discover the combinations that best suit every mood.

Nothing ruins a sexy moment like a loud buzz. The Duet Lux is significantly more quiet than any other vibrator, enabling a wider range of possibilities for when and where you'll use it.

No batteries, no cords, no docking stations
The 24k gold-plated base of the Duet Lux detaches and plugs into any standard USB port, where it will recharge fully in under two hours. Hassle-free and environmentally-friendly, the Duet Lux can charge in your computer or phone charger so it's ready to go when you are.

Get it wet
Completely waterproof when fully assembled, the Duet Lux is perfect for playing in the bath, shower, or on your secluded ocean getaway. Submerge it safely for play or for easy cleaning with soap and water.

Everywhere you want to be
With a sleek black leather travel pouch, the Duet Lux is a perfect bedside companion at home or away, as well as the most elegant personal data storage available.

Materials: Silicone head, metal base
Flash storage: 16GB
Power supply: Built-in battery, USB rechargeable
Dimensions: 11.6 x 2.7 x 1.2 cm
Finish: Gold (24k gold-plated)

Crave Duet Lux Vibrator with 16GB Flash Drive - Gold-Plated

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