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Delay Forte - Delay spray for men - 20 ml

from Amor
Delay Forte - Delay spray for men - 20 ml CHF 24.90 In Stock In StockFree Shipping!
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from Amor

Delay Forte is a simple and practical solution to the problem of premature ejaculation. It delays ejaculation and makes sex last longer.

Delay Forte is part of a new generation of ejaculation delay products that do not include an anaesthetic ingredient. It has been specially developed to delay ejaculation by creating an intense cooling feeling in the penis.

The spray’s effect is instantaneous. It reduces the sensations men feel during intercourse, without getting rid of them completely. This means you can be in greater control of your pleasure, and make sex last noticeably longer.

This Delay Forte spray can be used with all types of condoms.

Instructions: Apply 2 to 4 sprays of Delay Forte to the penis shaft and glans penis. For best results, apply just before sex.

Contains: 20 ml

Delay Forte - Delay spray for men - 20 ml

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By PS on 29/07/2016

I can see what it's meant to do - as there is no Lidocaine in this, it uses a menthol oil/lube to give a minty tingle to the knobular region. This does have some effect in reducing hypersensitivity but, in my case, not much.
It wears off about 10 mins after applying too.

On the plus side, your Johnson will smell (and, I'm sure taste - but I didn't get that far..) minty fresh, and it does "add suppleness and freshness" like it claims.

I'll not be buying it again until I can get my trigger-happy todger under control with another product from here.