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Pages: 1234

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King Cock RealDeal Realistic Cock - 14 cm - Beige

King Cock RealDeal Realistic Cock - 14 cm - Beige

Really cool

By Habibb on 24/06/2022

My wife likes it.... But still loves better the real one. It is good quality and the smell is not signifiant. On touch it feels quite good.

LoveToy Nature Cock dual-density tongue - 22.5 cm

LoveToy Nature Cock dual-density tongue - 22.5 cm

Huge, but lots of fun!

By Ronny on 30/05/2022

Great quality toy! It’s very big but you can use it in different ways. The tip is soft and small enough to find its way in every hole. The bottom of the toy has a tongue like texture, rub her entire intimate zone with it and the world will be yours.

Le Wand Bow G/P-spot dildo in stainless steel

Le Wand Bow G/P-spot dildo in stainless steel

We love it

By CJ on 27/01/2022

We really love this toy, the weight and the smooth metal makes for an awesome experience. Because of the weight you dont need to work hard, just let gravity do it job. I can highly recommend this toy.

Doc Johnson Realistic Cock UltraSkyn realistic dildo - Beige - 16 cm

Doc Johnson Realistic Cock UltraSkyn realistic dildo - Beige - 16 cm

sehr realistisches material

By Lou on 23/10/2021

Sehr realistischer dildo mit tollem material und perfekter grösse. für mich ein wenig zu biegsam/weich daher teilweise schwer zum einführen. tolles produkt 4/5

Malesation Jimmy Dildo - 16 cm

Malesation Jimmy Dildo - 16 cm

Great product

By DIC on 04/12/2020

Works great for play, for oral play, nice to touch, texture and bending. Highly recommended both for solo and play together. If you look for Dildo to train deepthroat, try this one!

King Cock Realistic Dildo - 19 cm - Beige

King Cock Realistic Dildo - 19 cm - Beige

Wow! This is huge

By DNB on 23/11/2020

This is a nice dick. The texture, the form, everything is all good. But it's too big :D Recommended, but will buy the smaller one next time. This doesn't fit everywhere...

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A large choice of dildos for all your desires. These non vibrating sex toys can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. Find and buy your perfect dildo by choosing the shape, colour and size in our selection of the best sex toys. Realistic dildos with a suction cup are great for hands free play and strap on dildos can by used with a harness.

Realistic DildoAnal Dildo | Double Dildo & Dong | Strap On | Strapless Dildo | Icicles & Glass Dildo | Big and XXL Dildo | Dildo for men

What different kinds of dildos are available?

If you like being completely in control when you masturbate, a dildo is the right toy for you. Dildos are the most well-known and oldest of sex toys, and the most widely owned today. The one thing that separates them from other kinds of sex toy is that they do not vibrate. They are available in all different kinds of shapes, materials and colours. There are a huge range of dildos on the market, so you are sure to be able to find one that suits you perfectly. These sex toys are generally phallic in shape, and suitable for vaginal and anal penetration. Our sexy online shop has a huge range of dildos - you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Realistic dildos look and feel very similar to real life phalluses. They are generally replicas of male penises, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with a range of special features to enhance your pleasure. Some of these realistic dildos have a suction cup so that you can attach the toy to a suitable surface and enjoy hands-free pleasure, while others have a base that fits into a harness for a whole other world of pleasure and experimentation during sex. The veins on these dildos provide intense stimulation.

Glass dildos are unique and sophisticated. These sex toys stand out because of their surreal appearance, luxurious undulations and phallic shape. They can be warmed or cooled for even more intense pleasure. Glass is a very hard and non-porous material, meaning it can provide a whole new level of pleasure, as well as being very easy to clean.

Wooden dildos are particularly elegant because they are made by hand. These sex toys are entirely made of wood that has been polished and then varnished for top-notch protection. Each wooden dildo is a unique and detailed work of art, with an extremely high quality finish.

Silicone dildos are classic sex toys, firm yet flexible and easy to use. They warm up quickly on contact with skin, and are easy to clean. Usually, they have a core made of denser silicone in order to provide highly realistic sensations. Silicone feels wonderful to the touch, and provides incredibly gentle stimulation.

Double dildos mean twice the fun! They are generally used with a partner so that you can both enjoy yourselves at the same time, but can also be used for solo play. You can enjoy double penetration (vaginal and anal) using a double dildo with one smaller and one larger end. The simultaneous stimulation will provide intense pleasure.

Strap-ons are designed to be attached to the body with a harness, hence their name. The harness can go around the hips or around a thigh, or even at jaw level - the only limit is your imagination. Strap-ons are adjustable, to ensure a good fit and maximise your comfort. Women can also use them for pegging, i.e. anally penetrating a male partner. A strap-on also works well if a man has erection problems, or wants to engage in double penetration. There are also some vibrating strap-ons.

Men’s dildos are designed to stimulate the prostate and P-spot, the equivalent of a woman’s G-spot. The sensations will be intense, your masturbation sessions will be enhanced and your orgasms will be even better thanks to the stimulation provided by these sex toys for men. What’s more, some of these dildos come with small attachments that massage the surrounding areas.

A short history of the dildo: from stone tools to today’s sex toys

Dildos are sex toys designed to create intense vaginal or anal pleasure. Have you always assumed that they are modern inventions that only appeared relatively recently? Think again! The history of the dildo is long and impressive. Excavations in a German cave have discovered a stone implement, which is thought to have been primarily used as a tool but possibly had a secondary function as a sex toy. This object was created around in around 27,000 BC. Ancient Egypt also left us countless frescos and amulets with phalluses made of wood or pottery. Later, in the medieval period, dildos were made from leather and padded with cotton. Since the 1980s, dildos have been made from silicone and other skin-like materials. Over time, different types of dildo have been developed and improved. The dildo has become an icon of sexual liberation and sexual freedom. This taboo toy has lived a long and varied life before becoming socially acceptable!

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