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Discover your lover - Travel Edition (Multilingual)

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Tease & Please | Sexy games and challenges for couples
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An unbelievable exciting travel game for an erotic adventure together.

For the extra impulse of eroticism while on travel get ‘Discover your lover Travel Edition’! A vacation is surely the moment to nourish your passion. This sizzling travel edition of the worldwide known erotic game ‘discover your lover’, is for two adult lovers (m/f) and takes you on a surprising journey full of exciting challenges to your wildest fantasy. All without becoming disrespectful or without loosing eyesight for your partner’s boundaries.

Because of the playful buildup over three playing levels, you can adept the game to your own taste. The tasks vary from tender (foreplay/romanticism) to intimate (more daring/adventurous) and in the end they become read-hot steamy passionate. This buildup appeals to both the male and the female players and has a tremendous arousing effect.

Before the actual play starts, each player pronounces his or her ultimate sexual desire. This can be a long waited for erotic desire, an exciting escapade during this vacation or a simple but romantic breakfast in bed. The winner of the game will see his or her ultimate desire come true. Each time you play the game another ultimate desire can by played for.
Enjoying each other is key, especially since you now have time for each other.

Discover your lover ‘Travel Edition’ takes you along on a journey of sexual discovery, full of exciting, direct and daring moments, but never without respect.

Content :
- Game board / Frisbee
- 33 Questions
- 33 Tasks for him
- 33 Tasks for her
- Scarf / Blindfold
- Dice
- 2 Pawns
- Game Rules
- Travel bag

Language: French, German, English, Spanish and Dutch

Discover your lover - Travel Edition (Multilingual)

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5 out of 5 (4 reviews)

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