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Doxy butt plug (Ribbed)

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Known for its powerful vibrating wands, the famous English manufacturer Doxy now offers a new range of butt plugs, manufactured from pure aluminium, then polished by hand. These veritable works of art will enhance your or your partner’s buttocks, while offering you incredible sensations! This "Ribbed" version has an insertable ribbed part, for even more intense stimulation. This premium butt plug is delivered in an elegant aluminium tube.

Offer a bit of luxury to your or your partner’s rear end, with the new range of Doxy butt plugs! Made in Cornwall, England, Doxy butt plugs are manufactured from pure aluminium blocks, then meticulously hand-polished.

Anal sex is exciting because it is considered by many people to be a taboo, something dirty or even forbidden. Unfortunately, it is often tried and then abandoned after bad experiences. It takes time, good preparation and good relaxation to properly attempt anal sex. The use of a butt plug is an ideal starting point. Relax, use a good dose of lubricant and most importantly take your time. When inserted slowly and supplemented with enough lubricant, the Doxy butt plug is the perfect starting point for a pleasurable and fun anal experience.

Play with temperatures and add vibrations!
Doxy butt plugs can be warmed (in hot water) or cooled (in the refrigerator), for even more intense intimate play. It is also possible to transform your Doxy butt plug into a vibrating butt plug, by simply touching the base of the plug with a vibrator (ideally a vibrating wand), when it is inserted into the anus. The vibrations will be diffused through the whole plug and will help your anal muscles (sphincters) to relax, while increasing your pleasure. The vibrations will also give men incredible sensations, by stimulating the prostate.

Bring pleasure to its climax…
Play with your Doxy plug, by removing it and inserting it again, repeatedly. Experiment and increase your pleasure by varying the length of insertion and withdrawal. Anal penetration can lead to particularly strong orgasms, especially when accompanied by vaginal or clitoral stimulation.

Dare to try double penetration
For women, when the plug is inserted anally, the internal shape of the vagina will change and contract. Simultaneous vaginal penetration will thereby offer even more intense and enjoyable sensations and orgasms.

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Boost your orgasms
A very popular anal game is to remove the anal beads while orgasming, to increase the strength of the orgasm. Don’t hesitate to do the same thing with your Doxy butt plug, it will offer you equally intense sensations!

Safe for the body and easy to clean, this Doxy butt plug can also be stored very discreetly, thanks to its elegant aluminium storage tube.

• Butt plug designed in aluminium and hand polished
• “Ribbed” version with ribbed insertable part
• Delivered in an elegant aluminium storage tube
• Can be warmed or cooled to vary the sensations
• Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced people

EAN : 7127589984842

Model: Ribbed
Material: Aluminium
Total length: 11 cm
Insertable length: 7 cm
Insertable diameter: 3.3 cm
Base diameter: 3.7 cm
Weight of the plug: 155 g
Colour: Silver

Doxy butt plug (Ribbed)

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