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Durex Intima Protect Fresh intimate cleansing care gel - 200 ml

Durex Intima Protect Fresh intimate cleansing care gel - 200 ml CHF 12.90

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Don't let anything affect your well-being. This Durex cleansing and refreshing care gel from the Intima Protect range has been specially designed to cleanse women's intimate areas, while maintaining the vaginal flora at an optimal pH.

Many women consider intimate hygiene to be extremely important. So give your private parts the best. The products in the Durex Intima Protect range help prevent vaginal discomfort, which can have a significant physical and emotional impact on women. This new range is composed of different products whose aim is to support women and their intimate hygiene needs as best as possible.

Healthy intimate areas are characterised by a balanced pH. This balance can be disrupted by various factors such as stress or disruption of the menstrual cycle. This imbalance favours the proliferation of bacteria and can cause disturbing odours or itching of the vagina.

This refreshing Intima Protect gel, designed for daily use, is made with a Pro-pH formula to balance the vaginal pH. So you will no longer have to deal with itching, pain or unpleasant odours. This gel will be your perfect daily companion!

How do I use Intima Protect Fresh intimate cleansing care?
Open the cap and squeeze it into your hand or onto a washcloth to apply it
Use it only on the external part of the vaginal intimate area and rinse thoroughly
Avoid contact with eyes and irritated or injured skin
In the event of irritation, stop using the product

Durex Intima Protect reinforces intimate hygiene and supports self-confidence, so that you can enjoy carefree lovemaking.

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Durex Intima Protect intimate cleansing gel
Thoroughly cleanses and prevents various infections, itching and odours
Special Pro-pH formula that helps preserve the natural balance of the vaginal flora
Fast relief in case of irritations or dryness of the intimate areas
Hypoallergenic, odourless, silicone and artificial colourant-free gel
Provides a very pleasant feeling of freshness
Contains lactic acid
Suitable for everyday use

Contents: 200 ml

Durex Intima Protect Fresh intimate cleansing care gel - 200 ml

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