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Durex Orgasm'Intense - Orgasmic gel (for her) - 10 ml

from Durex
Durex Orgasm'Intense - Orgasmic gel (for her) - 10 ml
Durex Orgasm'Intense - Orgasmic gel (for her) - 10 ml CHF 14.90 In Stock In StockFree Shipping!
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from Durex
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This Durex Orgasm’Intense gel is the latest innovation from Durex for intensifying female pleasure and orgasms! The gel should be applied directly to the clitoris, and its stimulating effect will be felt instantly. According to a study carried out by Durex, 80% of women who used the gel orgasmed!

Durex Orgasm’Intense is an orgasmic gel that contains Desirex, a patented stimulant developed by Durex. A few drops of the gel on the clitoris increases female pleasure and makes it easier to have more frequent, more intense orgasms.

This gel can be used during foreplay or sex. Two to three drops of gel is enough to create a pleasurable sensation that combines warmth, cold and tingling, ramping up female pleasure in an instant and increasing the sensitivity of female erogenous zones enormously.

When used with a partner, this gel makes it easier to reach simultaneous orgasm. Durex Orgasm’Intense gel is compatible with condoms. It is not a lubricant, but it can be used alongside a water-based lubricant.

Instructions: Apply a few drops of the gel to the clitoris and female erogenous zones, and rub in gently. Usually 2 to 3 drops is enough.

Contents: 10 ml (approximately 20 uses)

Durex Orgasm'Intense - Orgasmic gel (for her) - 10 ml

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