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Durex Performa (14 Condoms)

4.7 out of 5 (13 reviews)
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Durex Performa is the best selling condom in the Durex range. This condom, made using latex, has been specially designed to prolong the pleasure and the duration of your sexual intercourse. The inner part of its end is covered with a slightly anaesthetic gel, based on benzocaine, allowing you to delay the ejaculation. This pack contains 14 Durex Performa condoms.

Durex Performa is a condom made of natural see-through rubber latex, with an Easy-On fitted shape as well as a reservoir tip. Durex Performa differs from other Durex condoms thanks to its delaying effect, which allows to extend the duration of intimate relationships, as well as the pleasure experienced.

The inner part of its end, that is to say the part covering the glans, is covered with a thin layer of gel, slightly anaesthetic, based on benzocaine (5%). This gel helps desensitise the glans and makes it less sensitive to stimulation and friction. Don’t be afraid to use this condom: the effect of the anaesthetic gel gradually and completely dissipates during sexual intercourse.

This Durex condom has a streamlined "Easy-On" shape, allowing it to be unrolled and put in place easily. This unique form, patented by Durex, ensures optimal support of the condom during sexual relations.

• Durex Performa condom with delaying effect
• Smooth, see-through, lubricated surface with reservoir tip
• Easy-On form patented by Durex
• Made using natural rubber latex
• Electronically and dermatologically tested

EAN : 4002448118718

Size: 56 mm nominal width - 195 mm in length
Contents: 14 Durex Performa condoms

Durex Performa (14 Condoms)

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 (13 reviews)

By Ontos on 20/12/2022
Perfect choice if delay is needed

It is a perfect choise when you need to stay longer in action. The sensitivity of penis is reduced, so even intensive penetration can be done.

By Gg on 20/03/2022

I've last longer with those condoms. Careful not to let the lotion inside get lost on the sheets. I recommand the product for better performances.

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