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Durex Condoms: Durex is the world's number one condom brand, Durex Performa and Performax are today's bestselling products.
Durex Lubes: Durex Play lubes and Durex Play O don't just lubricate – they can warm, tingle and tantalise!

Durex Sextoys: Durex brings vibrations into the 21st Century! Reassuringly discreet… subtly styled… Durex Play vibes are designed for you and your partner to experiment with. Next day free delivery on all Durex products. Shop now!
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Pages: 12

The latest Customer Reviews

Durex Invisible - Extra Sensitive (10 Condoms)

Durex Invisible - Extra Sensitive (10 Condoms)

Good fun!

By Markus on 15/09/2016

Have tried other products, but this one certainly fells good and comfortable. The packaging is a bit too much and not discrete.

Durex Performax Intense - Mutual Climax (10 Condoms)

Durex Performax Intense - Mutual Climax (10 Condoms)

Longer lasting

By ManBe on 28/08/2016

The quality condoms sit well and really deliver what they promise - a longer and more intensive time with your girlfriend. Always a top pick for me. Quick delivery from the site as well!

Durex Natural Feeling - Non-latex (8 Condoms)

Durex Natural Feeling - Non-latex (8 Condoms)

Good shop

By Silas on 27/06/2016

Cool prices for condoms, when using the discount. Very fast delivery, when you need it. It would be useful when the price per / condom for a product is displayed.

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel Aloe Vera - 200 ml (water based)

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Gel Aloe Vera - 200 ml (water based)

Massage and lube

By François on 13/06/2016

This gel is perfect for role plays that evolve into action. My partner wanted a massage thats ends with a happy ending. It worked perfectly for massaging and then lube.

Durex is the world leader in the condom market. This long-lived and extremely famous brand is still making waves. It came into being in 1929, with a simple set of ideas behind its name: DUrability, Reliability and EXcellence. More than four billion Durex condoms are sold worldwide every year. However, Durex makes much more than condoms. The company sells a variety of sexual well-being products such as lubricants, and also has a range of sex toys.

Durex condoms offer complete protection. They protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. What’s more, their large range of different condoms also lets you introduce new sensations into your sex life.

Durex condoms are available in a wide variety of different models. Dotted, stimulating, ultra-thin, invisible, latex-free, coloured, flavoured, small, large, ribbed or even covered in a gel to delay ejaculation. Durex has thought of everything, to satisfy everyone.

Durex Performax Intense, also known as Durex Orgasmic, is a condom that has been specially developed to achieve simultaneous orgasm. It has a ribbed and dotted surface on the outside to intensify the sensations women feel during sex. The inside is covered in a lubricant that delays ejaculation, helping sex to last longer.

Durex Invisible Ultimate Sensitivity is an ultra-thin condom that will make you think you aren’t wearing a condom at all. It provides maximum sensations as well as maximum protection. Despite being extremely thin, it offers the same level of protection as standard Durex condoms.

Durex Latex Free is a latex-free condom made of synthetic polyisoprene. This soft material is very stretchy and is perfect for those with latex allergies. This condom is exceptionally thin and has been dermatologically tested.

Durex also offers a wide range of gel lubricants. With such a range of flavours and effects, there’s an experience to suit everyone. Thanks to these specially formulated lubricants, you can improve your sex life and target your erogenous zones.

Durex Play Feel is a lubricant with a very gentle formula that comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser, making it practical and hygienic to use. Unscented, clear and non-greasy, this gel provides great lubrication and does not become sticky. It creates a gentle cooling sensation to make your pleasure even more intense.

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 can be used all over your body. The formula contains Aloe Vera to leave your skin as soft as silk. This water-based lubricant is enriched with Vitamin E for complete moisturisation of your skin. It works brilliantly as a lubricant as well as a massage gel.

Durex Zweisam is a lubricant for sharing and mixing. It’s a pack of gels that let you discover new pleasures as a couple. It contains two stimulating lubricants. The first has a cooling effect, while the other has a warming effect, creating unbelievable sensations.

To diversify their range and adapt to the current market, Durex has developed its own line of adult sex toys. It includes vibrators and penis-rings, to bring a little spice to your sex life.

Durex Play Inspiration is a vibrator designed for women. It has streamlined curves for perfect vaginal and G-spot stimulation. This vibrator is an elegant model that will give you moments of ecstasy that are out of this world.

Durex Play Touch is the finger vibrator to end all finger vibrators. It fits on the end of your finger, so you can target the erogenous zone of your choice and stimulate it easily. This vibrating finger is quiet, waterproof and very easy to use.

Durex Pleasure Ring is a penis-ring made entirely of soft and silky silicone. It will help you to achieve strong, long-lasting erections, and delay ejaculation to improve your sex life. This ring is very stretchy and fits all sizes of penis.

Switzerland’s favourite online sex shop offers over fifty Durex products. Explore the Durex range at now. Delivery is free and discreet, and your order will arrive within 24 hours throughout Switzerland!