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Durex Überrasch' Mich (22 Condoms)

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Let yourself be amazed by the Durex Überrasch' Mich condom pack (in English: "Surprise me"). It contains 22 condoms of 4 different varieties (7x Feeling – Extra Lubricated, 5x Pleasure me – Pleasure Max, 5x Strawberry flavoured and 5x Arouse me) which will allow you to vary the sensations and pleasures during your naughty moments.

Amaze all your senses and those of your partner with this pack of Durex Überrasch' Mich condoms! This package contains 22 condoms of different thickness, shape and lubrication to bring novelty and originality to your sex life.

This pack includes 4 different varieties of Durex condoms:
7 Durex Feeling Extra Lubricated condoms:
They create an even more intense sense of intimacy thanks to their use of latex that is thinner than conventional condoms. This extra-lubricated version offers a more moist and slippery feel, thanks to more intense lubrication.
5 Durex Pleasure Me – Pleasure Max condoms:
They are specially designed to provide maximum pleasure for both partners. Indeed, they are both micro-beaded and ribbed. The placement of these microbeads and ribs has been carefully designed to stimulate the erogenous zones of both partners to the maximum.
5 Strawberry flavour Durex condoms:
Smooth and straight, with a reservoir tip, these red Durex condoms are strawberry flavoured to bring an extra dose of sweetness and deliciousness to your oral sex games.
5 Durex Arouse me condoms:
Straight-shaped with a reservoir tip, these condoms are ribbed to provide extraordinary stimulation of both partners' erogenous zones.

Durex condoms offer effective protection against unwanted pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Durex brand condoms undergo 5 quality tests, and each condom is 100% tested using an electronic system.

EAN : 4002448155072

Material: Natural rubber latex
Size: 53 to 56 mm nominal width
Contents: 22 Durex Durex Überrasch' Mich condoms

Durex Überrasch' Mich (22 Condoms)

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