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Europe Magic Wand Sex Toy

Europe Magic Wand 2 Vibrator

4.8 out of 5 (58 reviews)
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The European and updated version of the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator!

The Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator has undoubtedly been the most famous and popular sex toy on the market for over 40 years. We’ve lost count of how many times it’s appeared in TV shows, films or in the press. Europe Magic Wand 2 is the European version of this American bestseller, which has also been modernised since the original Hitachi model. It’s a must-have for any woman that wants to have a guaranteed orgasm!

Europe Magic Wand’s secret lies in its powerful motor that isn’t battery-powered, but instead runs off 220 volts main supply! The Europe Magic Wand is the most powerful vibrator on the European market – hands down! Unlike conventional vibrators, the Europe Magic Wand model will have you vibrating right down in your toes and at a constant and uninterrupted level of intensity.

With the Europe Magic Wand, you won’t have to wait long before reaching your first orgasm… and then moving on to your second and then your third. The Europe Magic Wand is a real magic wand for orgasms! Thanks to its very powerful vibrations, you can also use the Europe Magic Wand to massage any other body part and to take advantage of its other benefits in so doing.

The Europe Magic Wand has six different vibration speeds, which means you can choose between gentle and very powerful massages…Europe Magic Wand’s main part is made of ABS hard plastic, whereas the massage head is made of medical-grade, skin-safe silicon.

For optimal use, Europe Magic Wand comes with a 236 cm cable, allowing you to use it in all sorts of situations and positions.

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Why can’t I buy the original Hitachi Magic Wand mode in Europe/Switzerland?
The original Hitachi Magic Wand model was designed solely for the American market and runs on 110 volts. Even with a power converter, the original model does not work properly in Europe. Various retailers have tried to adapt the American model to European standards but, alas, have not been successful in doing so. Hitachi has never shown an interest in adapting its product for the European market and does not have the CE certificates required to sell its Magic Wand in Europe and Switzerland.

• Extremely powerful vibrator
• 6 vibration speeds (the original Hitachi model only has 2!)
• Long cable (2.36 m) for optimal use
• European version of the Hitachi Magic Wand (220 volts)
• Adjustable vibration frequency: 3500/min - 6000/min (the vibration frequency of the original Hitachi model can only be adjusted from 5000/min - 6000/min).
• Soft and flexible silicon massage head

Material: ABS plastic and medical-grade silicon
Total length: 33 cm
Dimensions of the vibrating head: 5 x 5.5 cm
Power supply: 220 volts (plus directly into any socket)

EAN : 5711021010019

This is what the french blog has to say about it:

Put simply, it’s the best external vibrator you can buy. The vibrations are not only extraordinarily powerful but also penetrate your very being and make your whole body vibrate. Therefore, it beats the competition hands down in terms of its powerfulness but also in terms of the effectiveness of its vibrations. All you have to do is turn it on and place it you know where and then WOW… It’s the only vibrator that makes my partner cry out in pleasure after an orgasm, and one of the rare ones that makes her ejaculate. Incredible…

The G-spot attachment is perfectly adapted and transforms the motor into an ultra-powerful G-spot vibrator. It’s the easy way to superb orgasms, female ejaculation and orgasmic aftershocks (controlled or uncontrolled). Here too, once you’ve plugged it… just WOW… Make sure you have towels or something else handy for those of you who opt for this attachment.

The Europe Magic Wand really is an amazing item that belongs in the sex toy box of everyone’s naughty room. I give it a legendary rating of 6/5 because nothing else on the market can trump it, in my view. It’s a thermonuclear orgasmic bomb… Buy it!

Europe Magic Wand 2 Vibrator

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 (58 reviews)

By Sharka Rey on 26/04/2021
Great item, and watch out how much you use it

I have bought the Magic Wand for my work. I am an alternative sex educator. I have not tried it yet with my clients. However, I am familiar with this vibrator device and I am sure it will be successful. Although I must warn that such device can be highly addictive. With frequent use the genitals get desensitized and that consequently lead to lower sensitivity when being naturally stimulated. Thank you KissKiss.

By Chris on 11/12/2020
So strong

Unlike anything else - the extra power comes in a really deep ‘rumble’. I was worried that the cable would be annoying, but it is is long enough too. Well worth the money

By Michael on 26/11/2020
Anazing !

Got this as a gift for my girlfriend. We live it. It is one of the best toys for any woman. It works amazingly! Very happy with everything

By Cat on 12/10/2020
Out of this world

Unbelievable, cannot recommend anything more highly. By far the best vibrator on the planet. No need for any other vibrator ever! So powerful it can't be battery powered.

By SkimpyGnome on 03/04/2018
Every woman's essential

This magic wand truly is magical! I suggest every woman add it to her personal collection. The speed variations are great and never fail to get me a toe curling orgasm. I love this guy!

By Klee0 on 19/07/2016
Like Magic

I had the American version (the Hitachi Magic Wand) a long time and it recently reached the end of its life span after 6 years. I ordered the Europe Magic Wand and couldn't be more happy. The pleasure is still almost unbearable and what is best is it has more speeds to choose from and doesn't need batteries. I know it's possible to order attachments to make things even more interesting but for me the wand is just right the way it is. I used to love rabbit vibrators but this is so much better and stronger.
I'm picking up good vibrations...

By Isabel on 27/03/2019
Be careful if you have a piercing... and the weight is too much.

Unfortunately, my feedback about the Magic Wand is negative. Honestly, I am very disappointed. I used to masturbate with the Womanizer since the first model came out. I have a piercing on my clit and I never had a problem with it, even if I used it 3-4 times per day. It was always a pleasure without any irritation. I can absolutely not say the same about the Magic Wand. Vibrations + material are too intense and the ergonomics are bad due to too much weight.

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