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Femidom | Female condom

Femidom FC2 Female Condom (5 Condoms)

Femidom FC2 Female Condom (5 Condoms)
Femidom FC2 Female Condom (5 Condoms) CHF 16.90

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Pack containing 5 FC2 female condoms (also called Femidom), authentic, lubricated and made without natural rubber latex. Practical and easy to use, for safer and more enjoyable sex! offers you the well-known FC2 female condom, which meets the high quality standards of international organisations such as the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The condom provides effective protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.

What are the characteristics of an FC2 female condom?
The FC2 female condom is a soft and flexible condom, which can be quickly and easily inserted directly into the vagina. This condom has an inner ring and an outer ring to keep it in place during sex. Once inserted, the FC2 condom covers the walls of the vagina and allows the penis to move freely inside the condom during sex. Each FC2 condom is lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant for natural sensations during penetration.

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Maximum pleasure
FC2 female condoms are very popular with both men and women, thanks to their many advantages, including the following:
Soft and flexible material
Pleasant to the touch, thanks to a material that warms up quickly to body temperature
More enjoyable sex (the female condom does not constrict the penis and gives the man more natural sensations)
The FC2 condom can be inserted a few hours or a few moments before sex, depending on your preference, thereby avoiding any loss of libido
The FC2 condom can be used by people who are allergic to latex. It is made of a synthetic material called nitrile
It is not necessary to consult a doctor before starting to use female condoms. The FC2 condom does not alter the body and does not contain hormones

Safety first
Like male condoms, FC2 female condoms block sperm, bacteria and viruses, which can cause infections and STIs. The outer ring provides additional protection against STIs by covering the external female genitalia and the base of the penis. The FC2 condom is a single-use condom and should not be reused.

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Pack containing 5 FC2 brand female condoms
Condoms that meet FDA and WHO standards
Lubricated condoms, flexible and easy to insert
Can be put in place several hours before the start of sexual intercourse
Protects against sexually transmitted diseases (STIs)
Protects against unwanted pregnancies
Made of nitrile polymer, latex-free
Suitable for people who are allergic or sensitive to latex
Compatible with all types of lubricants

Size: 76 mm of nominal width - 180 mm in length
Thickness: 0.05 mm
Contents: 5 original FC2 condoms

Femidom FC2 Female Condom (5 Condoms)

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