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The Femidom female condom offers excellent protection and is an interesting alternative to the male condom. Buy a Femidom condom, designed for women, with discreet delivery from the online sex shop.

How to wear a female condom correctly

A real alternative to standard condoms, the Femidom is the leading female condom brand. Simple and practical, it is worn by thousands of women throughout the world and provides highly effective protection. These high quality female condoms provide effective protection from both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

They have a number of benefits that make them worth a try. First of all, you choose whether or not to wear these condoms, not your partner. Secondly, they don’t affect latex allergy sufferers, as they are made entirely from polyurethane. Finally, you can insert the condom several hours before sex.

Specially designed to fit women’s bodies, they have an ergonomic shape that covers the vaginal walls and naturally fits the vagina’s curves. As with male condoms, you need a bit of practice to get the Femidom properly in place.

What does it look like?

Each condom looks like a long sleeve with a supple ring at each end. The smaller ring is worn inside the vagina and the larger ring sits at the opening of the vulva.


To make insertion easier, first get into a comfortable position. Lying down, sitting or standing with one foot up on a chair will make it easier to reach inside you.

• Open the pouch carefully so that you don’t rip the Femidom. Unroll it completely.
• Check that the smallest ring is at the bottom of the condom, and hold the Femidom by this ring, pinching it between your thumb and index finger.
• Without letting go of the condom, insert it as deeply into your vagina as possible.
• Then place your index finger inside the Femidom and insert it all the way into the vagina, pressing on the internal ring.
• Once the condom is in place, the big ring should be outside the vagina. You won’t feel the condom, as it sits against the vaginal walls.
• When you are finished, twist the external ring to stop sperm coming out and then pull the condom out gently. Put it back in its pouch and throw it in the bin.

Femidom in Switzerland

To ensure an intense yet pleasurable experience, we recommend following the instructions above carefully when using Femidom female condoms. You can also wear it for several hours before sex, so you don’t need to interrupt foreplay and it won’t spoil your mood. This condom ensures the best possible sensations for both men and women. Buy Femidom condoms now!
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