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Fröhle VP004 vaginal pump

Fröhle VP004 vaginal pump
Fröhle VP004 vaginal pump CHF 49.90

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Suction your way to new sensations and more intense sexual pleasure with the "VP004 Solo Extreme" vaginal pump from Fröhle.

Discover new sensations and more easily reach orgasmic pleasure thanks to the VP004 suction pump from the brand Fröhle. Its crystal-clear suction cup and black pump bulb create a suction effect over the entire vaginal area. As a result, the blood flow is concentrated in the genital area, namely the vaginal labia, the vulva and the clitoris to increase the sensitivity of this intimate area. You will therefore be much more aroused and receptive to every caress and your sex life will thrive.

Easy to use, this vaginal pump is suitable for both beginners and more experienced women. For an optimal suction effect, recommends that you thoroughly shave and lubricate your genital region beforehand. Then hold the suction cup over the vaginal area and activate the pump. In this way, negative pressure is created and experienced. Then, after a few minutes, open the pressure regulator valve to let the air flow again and stop the vacuum effect. Do not exceed 20 minutes of use per day. Also stop all use if you feel pain.

For an intimate experience that is as intense as it is pleasurable, recommends using this accessory with a water-based lubricant. Be sure to clean the Fröhle VP004 pump thoroughly before and after each use, using lukewarm water, mild soap and a suitable cleanser.

• Fröhle VP004 vaginal pump
• Ball pump with connecting tube
• Pump bulb and pressure regulator
• Elevated suction power

Materials: PVC, PC, PVC-P and PPR
Length of the crystalline suction cup: 12 cm
Width of the crystalline suction cup: 7.5 cm
Height of the crystalline suction cup: 8.5 cm
Colour: See-through and black

Fröhle VP004 vaginal pump

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