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Fun Factory Rain Cock Ring - 22 mm

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Fun Factory Sex Toys
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Fun Factory Rain Cockring for harder erections...

Lovering »Rain« awakens every man’s wet dreams. The ring (inner diameter – 22mm) can be pulled apart at the adjoining water drops, making it easy to slip over the penis. The penis ring with a trendy design promises a man’s crown jewels will shine in all their brilliance, and it creates a satisfyingly hard erection.

Pull the lovering apart and slip it over your member to the base of the penis. In this position, the build-up effect for an even harder and longer-lasting erection can be felt immediately. The lovering promise a perfect fit for any penis size and are pleasant to wear.

Material: 100% silicone (stretch)
Size: Ø 2.2 cm

Fun Factory Rain Cock Ring - 22 mm

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