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Pages: 12345678

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Anais Chantal Thong - Black & white (M)

Anais Chantal Thong - Black & white (M)

Really sexy!

By Koffeini on 16/12/2019

This string looks really sexy but you need to be careful with the size because it comes a little bit smaller than you think, anyway looks really hot!

Obsessive Luiza Thong - Black (S/M)

Obsessive Luiza Thong - Black (S/M)

Sexy String

By Luma on 02/11/2019

Exactly as it was showed, really beautiful and sexy. The Quality of the product is also very good. I ordered in one day and received next day.

Noir Handmade P005 Thong - Black (S)

Noir Handmade P005 Thong - Black (S)


By lalla on 06/10/2017

It is a very sexy piece since it has this leather-ish material which gives a chic touch, and the strings behind shape the ass pretty well. I like to wear it when I go out for dinner with my boyfriend and my boyfriend loves it too. It's also a very nice piece when you wanna wear something sexy and fun during sex ;)

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Wireless vibrator

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.OH Wireless vibrator

It is a fun toy!

By KissKiss Customer on 21/01/2016

The OhMiBod string vibrator is a fun toy to use. I have tested it several times now and I am very pleased with it. There are only two minor things though, that I wish there were different: 1. The vibrator is rechargeable, but the remote control needs a 12V battery. I would find it better, if both were rechargeable. 2. When recharging the vibrator, there is no different blinking, indicating that the vibrator is fully charged. I am nonetheless very happy with the OhMiBod, and I recommend … Read more

Bracli Your Night Pearl stimulating Thong - Black (L)

Bracli Your Night Pearl stimulating Thong - Black (L)


By Michi on 21/11/2015

The physical stimulation is not overwhelming, but it's definitely a great turn on! Most importantly it looks fantastic and the quality and finishing seems outstanding.

Anais Warm Up Micro Thong - Black & pink (M)

Anais Warm Up Micro Thong - Black & pink (M)


By M_C on 26/10/2015

Very sexy and good, smooth material, highly recommended if she has a hot body! Very good quality/price ratio as usual from this brand.

An incredibly wide selection of strings, available in several styles, one for every taste. The string has always been appreciated by men. This ultra sexy lower garment will enhance your rear and make you more desirable than ever! Don't wait to discover our range of sexy strings…

The thong of your dreams on !

A brief overview
The thong is a type of undergarment designed to hide the vagina or penis, but which leaves the buttocks entirely on show. It is often reduced to the bare minimum.

Paradoxically, the thong was probably around well before panties. Its origin dates particularly far back in history. For centuries, many primitive peoples wore what could be considered as the ancestor of the thong. It was in the 1970s that the thong made its big appearance in fashion shows. It solved the problem of visible panty lines underneath tight pants. It is the Brazilian women who would be charmed by this underwear and who would wear it in different ways. In the 1980s, it evolved and gave birth to several variants, including panties and tanga panties, without ever succeeding at dethroning classic briefs. The thong finally gained notoriety in the 1990s. It was not until the 2000s that it would become a fashion object, to the point that today it represents a substantial portion of underwear sales.

Bracli Kyoto
Thong with stimulating beads

Bye Bra Pack of invisible & seamless thongs
Invisible thongs

Noir Handmade P005
Minimalist thong

Obsessive Miamor
Open thong

Passion Athena
Lace thong

The brands
A multitude of world famous brands are available on our naughty shop, with the main ones including: Obsessive, Anais, René Rofé, Mapalé, Beauty Night and more. Dare to wear a sexy thong and let yourself be seduced by our minimalist underwear. The aim of erotic thongs is simply to "conceal what is being revealed and reveal what is being concealed".

For men
Since men's underwear and men's lingerie became widespread, with perfected designs, a broad selection of thongs has become available to men so why not, gentlemen, opt for one of these pieces of sexy underwear! If you wear one of our wonderful men's thongs, specifically designed to highlight your charms in the most beautiful way, your partner will not fail to be pleased.

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