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Hot Octopuss PULSE III | Solo and Duo versions Switzerland

Hot Octopuss PULSE II Solo

3.7 out of 5 (40 reviews)
This product is discontinued and no longer available on our sex shop. Please choose another item in the suggestions below.

What is PULSE II?
First and foremost PULSE II is a revolutionary male stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the man. This is PULSE's primary function and what sets it apart from all toys that have come before it.

PULSE II is the second version of the famous "guybrator". Compared to the previous model, Hot Octopuss PULSE II is now 100% waterproof and it features five stimulation modes with adjustable intensity.

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An added advantage of PULSE II design is that the man does not need to have an erection to use it. On the one hand this allows the user to enjoy the sensation of being made hard but on the other it offers amazing possibilities for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Years of medical research has identified that vibrations applied in a very specific way will send a man wild. Hot Octopuss has harnessed this science through its oscillating PulsePlate, designed to deliver the most powerful and unique orgasm you've ever experienced.

PULSE 2 masturbator can be used in two ways. Firstly, when used with lubricant it becomes a revolutionary next-generation masturbator. Alternatively, lubricant-free, PULSE II is more like a static stimulator. In this case the PulsePlate provides stimulation directly to the frenulum. This sensation will be completely different to anything experienced before.

The two different experiences you get with and without lubricant means that owning PULSE II is like having two toys in one.

Enjoy the most amazing simultaneous orgasms: PULSE II will turn foreplay into the main event. Fun, unique and incredibly sensual, PULSE II can be used from flaccid or erect, during foreplay and even during shallow penetration and in numerous positions.

What is the PulsePlate Technology?
PulsePlate technology is the patented system PULSE 2 uses to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than low-amplitude vibrations.

Material: Skin-safe silicone (phthalates free)
Size: 11 x 6 cm
Power Supply : Rechargeable battery (USB charging cable provided)

Hot Octopuss PULSE II Solo

Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 (40 reviews)

By dann on 05/10/2015
Not really impressed

My friend told me to try this one, it's absolutely nice and worth to buy, but I don't think this is for me, I dont know what I am doing wrong but I feel more like it's vibrating and it's not really pleasurable… Anyways, you can try it.

By rivella90 on 14/08/2015
Loud as hell - and not really stimulating

If you think about buying this please think again. I just bought it and I am really disapointed. It is so loud my neighbors thought I was drilling a hole in the wall! And it is not really stimulating. You have to find the perfect position to feel the vibrations and as soon as you move just a little you have to find the perfect position again which is annoying.

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