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Intimina Zyggy Cup 2 - Menstrual cup - Size B

Intimina Zyggy Cup 2 - Menstrual cup - Size B CHF 69.90

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Intimina has listened to you and designed the Ziggy Cup 2. Made of reinforced, flexible, 100% medical-grade silicone, this menstrual cup has an additional ribbed tab for slip-free removal.

Intimina's Ziggy Cup 2 menstrual cup is a hygienic, eco-friendly and economical alternative to sanitary towels and tampons. It replaces them during menstruation by collecting the blood flow without absorbing it. Reusable, it is made of flexible and soft medical-grade silicone. The menstrual cup, a real revolution for women!
This Ziggy Cup 2 menstrual cup is available in two sizes so that every woman can find her place and enjoy trouble-free sex throughout her period!

Made of hypoallergenic silicone, they do not unbalance the vaginal flora and do not deposit any fibres on the vaginal wall. This special silicone for intimate use does not cause the vaginal dryness or micro-abrasions that tampons can produce.

The Ziggy Cup 2 provides up to eight hours of menstrual protection. They allow you to forget about your period.

This reusable menstrual cup lasts for years, making it a truly economical solution.

Size options
Ziggy Cup 2 size A: 50 ml - made of soft silicone that allows for better control and an easy fit. It is capable of handling an abundant flow while ensuring your well-being.
Ziggy Cup 2 size B: 75 ml - made of soft silicone which allows an easy adjustment. It is capable of handling a very abundant flow while ensuring your well-being.

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Feel confident and worry-free during your period with Ziggy Cup 2, the next generation of flat menstrual cups. It's a petal-thin, reinforced cup that's easy to insert and fits snugly so you won't feel it. It has a double edge for leak-free protection and a ribbed tab for easy removal without slipping. Hook your fingertip into the cup and gently pull it out. Orientation of the cup this tab is at the front of the cup, which means it should be away from your cervix and pelvic bone.
Enjoy this Ziggy Cup 2 menstrual cup for 8 hours non-stop, even during foreplay.

Ziggy Cup 2 coloured menstrual cup in size B
Medical silicone for intimate use
8 hours of protection
Comfortable to wear
Forget about your period
Feel comfortable swimming, dancing or whatever you enjoy doing
Reusable, eco-responsible and easy to clean
Reduce your spending on tampons and sanitary towels
Prevents vaginal dryness and micro-abrasions
Perfect for foreplay sessions
Supplied with a fabric case

Material: Hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone
Dimensions: 73 x 67 x 35 mm
Volume: 75 ml
Colour: Pink

EAN : 7350075028601

Intimina Zyggy Cup 2 - Menstrual cup - Size B

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