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Jimmyjane Form 5 vibrator - Pink

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Jimmyjane | Luxury erotic objects
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Jimmyjane Form 5: a vibrator designed for her, for him, for us.

Two micro-thin, supple wings provide all-encompassing sensation, while the firm pleasure dome in the center features a motor right at its tip to deliver serious vibration.

Jimmyjane Form 5 increases sexual arousal by stimulating the clitoris and the labia simultaneously promoting more blood flow for heightened sensitivity. The micro-thin silicone wings deliver gentle, fluttering vibration to the clitoris and labia. Squeeze, surround, or simply sit back and let it do all the work. Concentrate sensation with the pleasure dome designed to deliver powerful, deep vibration.

Jimmyjane Form 5 brings the grip of a hand with the touch of a tongue for an arousing prelude that heightens sensitivity. Flexible wings surround and stimulate the shaft for a sensation previously unknown. Drag lightly, squeeze firmly, or let the vibration take over entirely. Deliver stimulation to the most sensitive areas with the Pleasure Dome.
Rub the tip of the penis, massage the perineum, or explore areas previously untouched.

For US
Set the mood by teasing erogenous zones with light vibration. Youll both be ready, willing, and wanting. Cup her breast with the Jimmyjane Form 5 during sex. The Pleasure Dome will stimulate the nipple while the wings encompass the areola. Use the Jimmyjane Form 5 in conjunction with oral play by wrapping the wings around the shaft and moving vertically in motion with your mouth.

Supple, spreadable wings deliver an entirely unique fluttering sensation
5 speeds, 4 pulsation patterns, endless pleasure possibilities
Latex-free, phthalate-free, heavy metal-free, medical-grade platinum silicone
Conveniently charge through your computer or the wall, USB cord included
Runs over 4 hours on a single charge

Material: Soft silicone (phtalates-free)
Total length: 9.5 cm
Diameter: 3.5 cm
Power supply: Built-in Lithium-Ion battery, rechargeable with the included dock
Usage time: 4 hours
Colour: Pink
Warranty: 3 years

Jimmyjane Form 5 vibrator - Pink

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