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JOYDIVISION manufactures a large range of erotic products such as intimate lubricants, massage products, love swings, vibrators and geisha balls. The AQUAglide, BIOglide and easyANAL lubricants are the top sellers of the German company JOYDIVISION.
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Pages: 123
JoyDivision is a German label that was founded in 1994. It produces a large number of erotic items, as well as intimate products such as intimate lubricants, massage creams and oils and soft tampons. The range of products that the company offers is vast and extensive, but what they are really known for as a brand is their line of intimate, water-based lubricants. BIOglide, AQUAglide and easyANAL are far and away the best-selling items in JoyDivision's collection, and they all have an ideal pH number.

The BIOglide lubricant was the first intimate gel to be made entirely of natural products that are on sale on the market. It is made using a water-based formula and offers long-lasting lubrication. It doesn’t stick and is stain-free. The BIOglide lubricant has been dermatologically tested and is compatible with sextoys and condoms.

The AQUAglide lubricant was the lube of the year in 2014 and it is the most popular lubricant on the European market. Just a few drops of this lubricant are enough to provide fantastic lubrication. This intimate gel has undergone dermatological and clinical tests, and it does not leave stains or stick to the skin.

The easyANAL lube was especially developed for anal penetration. With its silky-soft texture, it feels fabulous on the skin and has wonderful oiling effect. This intimate water-based gel has a neutral pH and is compatible with condoms and sextoys alike.

Soft tampons are a great alternative to the standard variety of protective hygienic tampon. They are the perfect thing for wearing at the sauna, when you're playing sport or even when you're relaxing in the pool. These tampons turn all the rules on their head. Cordless, they are easy to insert and can be worn during sex. They won’t cause your partner any discomfort during penetration. Discover a whole new way of bending the rules, with soft tampons.

There is great diversity in the sextoys made by JoyDivision. You’ll be able to choose from vaginal balls, anal beads, cockrings, vibrators and lots more. Add some intensity to your moments of intimate pleasure with the JoyDivision range of adult toys.

All the items made by JoyDivision are manufactured in Germany, in strict accordance with high quality standards.
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