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RendS Kashin Daisy 5 "3D winding type" Masturbator

from RendS
from RendS
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Kashin is an Onahole (masturbator) from Japan. It is made of a unique, high-quality material that is called "Daisy".

The concept behind "Kashin" is not to bring another "artificial vagina" to the market. In fact we think that Kashin is a work of art. It imitates the feeling of a woman's soft and silky skin. The "Daisy" material will wrap your penis in unprecedented tenderness. One more persuasive feature is the realistic color of Daisy material.

What is Daisy?
The "Daisy" material is the result of perennial research to find the best possible materials for manufacturing masturbators. The result is a very stunning material that resembles real skin.

Features of Daisy:
It is very elastic and soft like a woman's silky skin
Smooth and soft surface just compared to a woman's naked leg
The more you use it the better it will suit you
No bad smell, not oily, no toxic emollients
Durable material that can easily be washed by turning its inside out
Conforms to the food hygiene standards and is allergy free
Every single process from mixing the material to molding are done in Japan

3D winding type version: this winding tunnel has small V-groove and bumps beads randomly. It give a very real feeling as the penis crawls into the winding tunnel.

RendS Kashin Daisy 5 "3D winding type" Masturbator

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