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Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator (Combo Set)

4 out of 5 (4 reviews)
Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator (Combo Set) CHF 269.90

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Introducing KEON from Kiiroo, the most powerful automated masturbator available on the market! With this masturbator, you’ll have nothing left to do, it will take care of everything! Thanks to its interactive mode, the multimedia content (pornographic films) synchronises with KEON's movements, to offer you a totally immersive experience.

This "Bundle Set" includes the KEON masturbation system, as well as a Feel by Kiiroo masturbator with a realistic sleeve (imitation vagina). The cherry on the cake: it is possible to remove the original sleeve from the masturbator and replace it with any sleeve from the Fleshlight Girls, Classic or Stamina range!

After the famous Fleshlight Launch, here is something even better: the Kiiroo KEON! This latest-generation automated masturbator simply offers the best in interactivity and performance.

Feel what you see, in real time
Experience extraordinary orgasms, thanks to KEON! This automated masturbation system is compatible with a large amount of interactive pornographic content offered by the world's leading adult sites. You will be able to feel every thrust, every movement and every moan in real time.

The future of masturbation is here!
Forget the cumbersome and bulky masturbators of the past. KEON has been developed to offer you maximum comfort of use and to enrich your most intimate moments. Its sturdy design offers an optimal, effortless grip thanks to its perfect curves. In particular, KEON allows you to control the speed and depth of masturbation movements, in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to its ideally-positioned tactile buttons. Its discreet and elegant lighting responds instinctively to your commands, providing real-time information on KEON’s connection mode, speed and battery life.

Fleshlight-compatible Feel by Kiiroo masturbator
Kiiroo KEON comes with a realistic Feel by Kiiroo masturbator. It can be used on its own or in combination with the KEON automated system. Its realistic masturbation sleeve mimics the sensations of vaginal penetration and has a penetration orifice that reproduces a vagina. Please also note a very interesting feature: it is possible to remove the stimulation sleeve from a Feel by Kiiroo masturbator and replace it with any sleeve from the Fleshlight range (Classic, Girls or Stamina). You will be able to enjoy your favourite Fleshlight sleeves with the Kiiroo KEON masturbation system. A real must-have! Keep in mind that other Feel by Kiiroo sleeves will also be available in the months to come.

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Interactive app for Smartphone and tablet
Kiiroo KEON comes with an app for Smartphones and tablets. Secure and easy to use, it allows you to explore a new world of fun and interactive content. This latest-generation Kiiroo app also allows you to connect with your friends, make video calls, watch interactive videos, enjoy interactions with camgirls, control Bluetooth devices and send messages. You will also be able to synchronise your KEON with other interactive Kiiroo products to enjoy intimate moments with your partner, no matter how far apart you are.

3D and VR compatibility
Escape to a totally virtual world thanks to KEON's 3D VR compatibility. Combine KEON with virtual reality (VR) glasses and enjoy total immersion in 180- or 360-degree porn films with stereoscopic 3D views.

For an experience as pleasant as it is intense, advises you to use this Kiiroo KEON masturbation system with a water-based lubricant. Be sure to thoroughly clean your Feel by Kiiroo masturbator before and after each use, with a little warm water, mild soap and a cleaner for sex toys.

• Kiiroo KEON automated masturbation system
• Bundle Set delivered with a Feel by Kiiroo masturbator reproducing a vagina
• Manual or interactive operation
• FeelConnect app for interactive use and multiple functions
• Compatible with interactive 2D and 3D videos
• Compatible with virtual reality glasses (3D)
• Adjustable speed and depth of penetration/masturbation
• Intuitive and easy-to-use buttons
• Lighting system that instinctively responds to your commands
• Rechargeable by USB (cable supplied)

Materials: Silicone, PC ABS with PU coating (phthalate-free)
Dimensions: 32 x 16.7 x 15.7 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg without masturbator and 2 kg with masturbator
Power supply: Battery is rechargeable via USB
Battery life: 2 hours
Charging time: 4 hours
Colour: Black

Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator (Combo Set)

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 (4 reviews)

By BillyGoat on 04/01/2021
Almost but not quite

The pros: Sturdy, powerful, a great idea, battery lasts a long time, I had a few great climaxes so far.
The cons: The base should have more padding, as it rests on your groin area. The surface is shiny plastic, so try holding that when your hands have lube on them. Locking the Fleshlight-style (Feel Stroker) tube into place is tricky with any lube on your hands, and twisting it to lock it in place generally means you end up twisting the air-valve closed at the top. For my liking the included sleeve is rather plain, with very little stimulation, just some very shallow bumps. The top speed could be a bit faster too. Ideally, the mode button could also have a 'random' / 'program' mode, so you don't need the app to have some random or progressive action without having to manually stab at the buttons on the side. Finally, the speed is not accurate, it is relative to the stroke depth. So a shorter stroke means it goes faster even though you haven't changed the speed.

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