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Kokos Masturbator & Sextoy for Men

Kokos Adel Hand Sleeve Onahole 001 Masturbator

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Here is one of the latest creations from the famous Japanese masturbator manufacturer KOKOS: the Hand Sleeve Onahole Edition 001! To create this masturbator, the KOKOS design team moulded the intimate parts of their model "Adel", down to the smallest detail. This masturbator will give you real life sensations thanks to a perfect imitation of the G-spot, A-spot and P-spot. Prepare yourself for steamy moments and amazing ejaculations!

With this "Adel Hand Sleeve Onahole Edition 001" masturbator, KOKOS offers one of the best masturbators for men on the market. By meticulously reproducing the opening and walls of the vagina, KOKOS has created the first masturbator to offer sensitivity to the depth of penetration, as well as the thickness of the vaginal wall by incorporating an ultra-realistic cervix. The tight internal wall of a 20-year-old virgin offers elasticity and soft absorbency beyond that of a real vagina.

The penetration channel of this male masturbator is open on both ends, which not only allows easy cleaning, but also the possibility to experience the perfect vacuum state of the masturbator, thanks to a "Magic Cap", to be placed on the back end of the masturbator.

A masturbator that reproduces the P-spot, the A-spot and the G-spot!
• P-spot - The ultimate erogenous zone popular with sex enthusiasts. This is where the uterus and vagina meet. In Latin, it is called "portio vaginalie uteri", or "vaginal part" in English. The vaginal portion refers to the area in front of the vagina, about 2 cm long. Rather than direct sexual stimulation, the woman is guided into a world of overwhelming pleasure when the uterus and viscera are aroused.
• A-spot - Known as the erogenous zone of the anterior fornix, the A-spot is the point of stimulation that brings women to their highest level of ecstasy during sex. The A-spot was named because it is located in the deepest part of the vagina, connected to the cervix. It is located 5 cm further into the vagina than the G-spot. From this point, a rapid secretion occurs if a woman is aroused by stimulation.
• G-spot - The G-spot is the woman's central erogenous zone, located in the inner vaginal wall, 3-5 cm from the vaginal opening. Women can experience ecstasy even with minor stimulation of the G-spot due to the presence of crowded nerve endings. The G-spot swells when a woman is sexually aroused and when the area is stimulated, maximum orgasm can be achieved.

For optimal sensations, use this KOKOS masturbator with a water-based intimate lubricant. You can push the realism to the next level by heating the penetration orifices with a warming stick (see recommendations below).

The KOKOS masturbator can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. The water on the outside of the masturbator can be wiped off with a microfibre cloth. The penetration channels and the outside of the masturbator can be dried with a hair dryer (cold air). Once dried, the masturbator can be powdered to maintain its realism and texture (see recommendation below).

Material: TPE (phthalate-free)
Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 x 10 cm
Weight: 0.95 kg
Colour: Flesh coloured

EAN : 8809392182972
Kokos Adel Hand Sleeve Onahole 001 Masturbator

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