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La Gemmes Curve dildo in stone - Pure Amethyst

La Gemmes Curve dildo in stone - Pure Amethyst CHF 189.90

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La Gemmes Curve dildo, carved in amethyst, a very elegant variety of purple quartz. Ideal for stimulation of the G-spot, this dildo will also allow you to benefit from its healing and soothing energetic qualities.

The curved shape of this Curve Amethyst dildo in semi-precious stone has been specially designed to stimulate the female G-spot.

This sex toy has the distinction of having been carved in a semi-precious stone, namely amethyst, which is a purple quartz, known for its healing and beneficial energetic properties. This stone releases stress and helps the body to release negativity, as well as negative emotions. Amethyst stimulates the highest chakra, allowing it to advance your spiritual growth. This can give you insight into your bad habits and allow you to reject them. Thanks to its properties, amethyst can relieve headaches and reduce migraines and sleep disorders.

All the sex toys in the "La Gemmes" range are made with 100% natural stones, free of chemicals or other plastics. These stones are extracted and carved by hand, in a traditional way. Each La Gemmes sex toy is therefore unique, due to its shape, size and colour. As these stones are fragile, be sure to protect them, especially against falls and impacts.

La Gemmes sex toys made of semi-precious stones can be used with all water-based lubricants. It is not recommended to use them with oil-based or silicone-based lubricants. To clean them, use warm water, mild soap and a cleaner for sex toys.

It is normal for a stone to have small imperfections and that is what makes it unique. It is also normal for a stone to crack or even break over time. Take care of it and always check if the stone is intact before using it.

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Dildo in stone, specially designed to stimulate the female G-spot
Carved in amethyst, a semi-precious stone
Allows effective massage of the G-spot and to achieve intense orgasms
Amethyst offers positive and healing energies
Sex toy carved in 100% natural stone, without chemicals
Each model is unique

Material: 100% natural amethyst
Dimensions: Approximately 17.5 x 5 cm
Weight: Approximately 300 g
Colour: Purple

EAN : 8717903273500

Guarantee: Due to the unique design of this product, it is not covered by a warranty. It is possible, however, for a product which has been delivered broken to be exchanged during a period of 7 days following the date of receipt.

La Gemmes Curve dildo in stone - Pure Amethyst

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