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Laid K.1 Silicone Magnetic Balls

from Laid
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Laid | Sleek and high quality sex toys
from Laid
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Increase your sexual pleasure with these amazing Laid K.1 vaginal balls.

The K.1 magnetic balls provides the most flexible and fun way to do pelvic floor and vaginal strength exercises, also known as Kegel exercises.

Small enough for everyone to insert with ease, these silicone balls combine to provide a larger shape within that you may squeeze your pubococcygeus muscle groupe (PC-muscle) around. Weighted sufficiently the balls do drop to the vagina opening with ease and can be taken out one ball at a time.

How to start off?
Sit with your legs spread apart, or stand with on leg raised and gently insert the K.1 ball 2-3 cm into the vagina. This is basically like inserting a tampon. Each successive ball is inserted the same way.

We suggest starting off with 2 balls, inserting the larger non- magnetic ball first, followed by the smaller magnetic (black currant colour). Insert them, sqeeze your muscles and see how it feels. Stand up and see if you can hold on to them. Relax your muscles, let gravity pull them down and take the balls out.

Magnetic balls
Simple to insert
Easy to clean
Hypoallergenic silicone

Contains : 2 black current magnetic balls and 2 pink balls
Material: Steel over-moulded with medical grade silicone
Size: 19 and 23 cm
Weight: 25 and 37 g

Laid K.1 Silicone Magnetic Balls

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