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LELO Charger

from LELO
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LELO Sex Toy & LELO Vibrator | Sex shop
from LELO
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LELO chargers are specifically designed to be used with LELO pleasure objects.

Colour: Black
Compatible Lelo sextoys:

- LELO Billy
- LELO Elise
- LELO Gigi
- LELO Ina
- LELO Inez
- LELO Insignia Alia
- LELO Insignia Isla
- LELO Insignia Lyla
- LELO Insignia Noa
- LELO Insignia Oden
- LELO Insignia Soraya
- LELO Insignia Tiani
- LELO Iris
- LELO Lily
- LELO Liv
- LELO Mona
- LELO Nea
- LELO Siri
- LELO Yva

LELO Charger

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