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LELO HEX Original (12 Condoms)

from LELO
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from LELO
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LELO reinvents the condom with HEX. LELO HEX combines finesse, strength and maximum sensations thanks to a unique hexagonal structure. This pack contains 12 lubricated condoms, with reservoir tips.

Discover the latest innovation from LELO, the specialist of pleasure and design. Experience more pleasure with HEX tear-proof condoms. The structure of these condoms is composed of three hundred and fifty interconnected symmetrical hexagons, for perfect resistance and an extremely thin material. HEX LELO condoms ensure safe sexual relations while providing maximum sensation for both partners.

The unique structure of HEX condoms stretches in an optimal way, allowing it to fit all penis sizes. They were designed to give partners realistic sensations, closer to the sensations experienced without a condom. Designed in natural rubber latex, HEX condoms have a reservoir tip and are lubricated.

Enjoy a unique intimate experience and feel the body heat of your partner as if you weren't wearing a condom at all, thanks to the unique and revolutionary LELO HEX condoms.

Pack of 12 LELO HEX condoms
Structure composed of 350 hexagons
Optimised for maximum thrills
In natural rubber latex
Lubricated, with reservoir tip
Transparent and unflavoured

Material: 100% natural rubber latex
Diameter: 54 mm
Length: 180 mm
Thickness: 0.045 mm
Colour: Transparent
Contents: 12 LELO HEX condoms

LELO HEX Original (12 Condoms)

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4.7 out of 5 (3 reviews)

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