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LELO HEX Respect XL (36 Condoms)

5 out of 5 (8 reviews)
LELO HEX Respect XL (36 Condoms) CHF 39.90

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For all men with a larger than average penis, here is LELO HEX Respect XL. This revolutionary condom has a unique structure consisting of 350 symmetrical hexagons, for maximum sensations and security. This pack contains 36 LELO HEX Respect XL condoms.

Following the worldwide success of its "HEX Original" condom, LELO has been overwhelmed by requests for a larger version that is better suited to larger penises. LELO HEX Respect XL is the answer to these requests!

LELO HEX Respect XL is based on the same technical characteristics as the original LELO HEX condom, but with a wider diameter (58 mm against 54 mm) and an optimised length (195 mm against 180 mm). This difference of 4 mm in diameter is not insignificant and offers a real improvement in terms of comfort of use and sexual pleasure, especially for men with a wider than average penis.

The revolutionary structure of LELO HEX Respect XL is composed of 350 symmetrical and interconnected hexagons, for perfect resistance and extreme finesse. LELO HEX Respect XL condoms ensure safe sex and maximum sensations for both partners.

The unique structure of HEX Respect XL condoms stretches in an optimal way, allowing it to fit all penis sizes. They were designed to give partners realistic sensations, closer to the sensations experienced without a condom. Designed in natural rubber latex, HEX Respect XL condoms have a reservoir tip and are lubricated.

Enjoy a unique intimate experience and feel the body heat of your partner as if you weren't wearing a condom at all, thanks to the unique and revolutionary LELO HEX Respect XL condoms.

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Pack of 36 LELO HEX Respect XL condoms
Larger diameter, for improved comfort of use
Elongated length to suit large penises
Structure composed of 350 hexagons
Optimised for maximum thrills
In natural rubber latex
Lubricated, with reservoir tip
Transparent and unflavoured

Material: 100% natural rubber latex
Diameter: 58 mm
Length: 195 mm
Thickness: 0.045 mm
Colour: Transparent
Contents: 36 LELO HEX Respect XL condoms

LELO HEX Respect XL (36 Condoms)

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 (8 reviews)

By Diogo on 25/11/2021
Best condoms I tried

Have had problem wiyh condoms in the past. Not largr enough or just leaving that latex odor everywhere. The smell, size and adaptability of tgis condoms is amazing. It's hard to go back to other condoms now. Highly recommend for people that value their sex life.

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