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Lelo sex toys and vibrators in Switzerland

LELO is one of the world's largest company that produces the best pleasure objects: vibrators, dildos and geisha balls. LELO designs sex toys with great design and advanced technology to give pleasure to all the users. Free next day delivery on all LELO products, on the Swiss online largest sex shop
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Pages: 1234

Beyond your wildest expectations

The Swedish brand LELO was founded in 2003 in a small house in the Nordic city of Stockholm. Three designers had an idea that would soon lead them to completely transcend an entire industry. This Nordic brand offers a particularly luxurious range of intimate items. To date, LELO has offices around the world but its soul remains firmly rooted in Sweden, where it all began.

This brand with many subtle hidden facets goes far beyond what it physically creates. Its uniqueness lies in its approach to the design of its products. This innovative brand, concerned about people's pleasure and desires, provides sensations before they have even been requested. LELO simply seeks to improve current realms of sensuality by bringing its own personal touch. Its luxury products all offer a harmonious and modern quality of workmanship.

Striving to give life to your desires, LELO imagines, rethinks, elaborates, and constantly creates new erotic toys. To complete an already rich range, the Swedish brand also offers a selection of cosmetics, candles and condoms. Because the prime objective of LELO is that the company continues to exist and prosper.

This brand spanning several areas has only one slogan - Inspire your desire. It meets all the feminine and masculine requirements for sex toys and offers discreet, sensual, elegant and luxurious models, because those who are liberated will liberate those around them.

Selection of bestsellers from the Nordic brand

Luna Beads vaginal balls offer an intense exercise session for the perineum, combined with pleasurable sensations. They are available in deep black or adorned with pink and blue.

Noa, the ultimate vibrator, is for use by couples. Its fine part is inserted into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot and the penis, while the second part is pressed against the clitoris.

The Loki Wave prostate massager provides stimulation by vibrations accompanied by an intense prostate massage, with "come here" movements. The ultimate in prostate pleasure!

Gigi 2 is the best-selling G-spot vibrator in the world. Its flattened extremity combined with its intense vibrations will lead you to the discovery of this mysterious erogenous zone.

HEX condoms combine finesse, strength and maximum sensations with a unique hexagonal structure. They are composed of three hundred and fifty interconnected symmetrical hexagons, for perfect resistance.

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