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Liberator On a Mission Sex Pillow (for Fleshlight)

Liberator On a Mission Sex Pillow (for Fleshlight)

High quality

By David on 14/09/2020

This is a high quality product, the packaging is superb. For example, it is packaged without 90% of the air, so the box when it arrives is smaller than expected, but afterwards when taking it out it expands and thats so cool. The leather cover seems to be of good quality and the pillow can hold your weight very well, it works as expected and the results are much better than with other more expensive toys, or even dolls. Very satisfied with the product, Liberator seems to be a very good manufactu… Read more

Liberator Esse Chaise Black Label Love Chaise

Liberator Esse Chaise Black Label Love Chaise

Somewhat below expectations

By IM on 08/12/2019

The chair looks nice, however it is not exactly as imagined. The material is just foam, so it is quite light, so it displaces very easily with movement. The faux leather is not very sophisticated.

Liberator Wedge & Ramp Combo Black Label Sex Pillows

Liberator Wedge & Ramp Combo Black Label Sex Pillows

Amazing angles

By Belinda on 12/10/2015

Absolutely love this product! Feels great to the touch and nice and firm under your body. Can be used to build different heights, used together or each shape on its own. It's so much fun, with or without the cuffs and it certainly encourages us to get creative ;)

Liberator is a US company based in Atlanta that creates erotic couches. Their products will transform your room into a real intimate zone, for more intense pleasures. Thanks to their well thought out forms, you can now discover previously unexplored positions.

What is Liberator?

Liberator is an American company based in Atlanta that invents, designs and manufactures equipment such as seats, so that you can turn an ordinary bedroom into an exceptionally erotic boudoir. They specialise in making sex furniture. Their cushions and other supports create angles, curves and shapes and boost height so that people of any size can connect perfectly with their partners.

Their mission

Liberator sex cushions are designed to be discreet, elegant and practical, to give you greater comfort and better penetration angles during sex. Their Liberator products improve couples' sex lives and feed your romantic imagination. These attractive seats make sex more exciting and satisfying. In fact, Liberator believe that their cushions are the best thing to happen to sex since the bed.

Made in the USA

Liberator works hard to create jobs for their community as well as to improve the sex lives of thousands of people all over the world. They are proud to be an American manufacturer and to source their materials locally.
What is a sex cushion for?

It makes it easy to try positions you've never quite managed before, and makes some movements easier for your muscles. A sex cushion gives you the best possible support during sex. You'll soon discover that your mattress is just too flat to take you to these heights of pleasure!

Different models

Liberator Flip Ramp - When it is open, the Liberator Flip Ramp provides a sloping ramp ideal for a variety of sex positions. It has the perfect gradient for deeper penetration and is also useful for oral sex. When it is closed, the Flip Ramp transforms into a discreet pouf or stool that won’t attract any attention from guests.
Liberator Wanda Magic Wand Mount - With its conical, ergonomic and wavy shape, this elegant Liberator erotic pillow will optimise your naughty sessions. You can ride it and enjoy your Magic Wand vibrator, without having to hold your sex toy in your hand.
Liberator Top Dog - This erotic cushion is the ultimate companion for your Fleshlight masturbators. It will help you enjoy more intense and more realistic sensations, whether you're in a couple or going solo. Its upper section has a special space for inserting your Fleshlight masturbator, so you can enjoy more realistic and comfortable doggy-style sex.
Liberator Esse Chaise Black Label - This sofa lets you put yourself in that perfect position for all kinds of sexual activity. It comes with a practical and comfortable headrest and it can be positioned as you wish. Eight restraints are strategically placed on the lower part of it, in order to immobilise your partner during domination and submission roleplay.

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