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Andropharma Vigor - Libido Booster Supplement

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Andromedical Switzerland | 100% effective penis lengthening
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Andromedical offers an herbal libido booster to those patients whose sexual desire has decreased.

Sexual libido plays a very important role in men's relations. This is why after extensive research on what men were looking when using penis enhancement devices, Andromedical came up with a three-in-one formula aimed at boosting libido, increasing sexual power and helping to have a better sexual performance.

Andropharma Vigor is a third generation treatment to improve men's sex life by stimulating the testosterone secretion using powerful aphrodisiacs.

Our team of professionals on the health and sexual field has as the main objective of the development and improvement of men's sexual health as well as to recover the self-esteem, confidence and satisfaction.

After many years of work and research we have obtained a 3 in 1 formula to improve sexual power. Andropharma Vigor benefits from this scientific advance.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. This product is herbal and does not contain prescription ingredients.

Contents: 30 capsules

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Andropharma Vigor - Libido Booster Supplement

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