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Lock a Willy in Switzerland | Silicone penis cages

Lock a Willy silicone chastity cage

4.1 out of 5 (16 reviews)
Lock a Willy silicone chastity cage CHF 59.90

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Lock a Willy is a chastity cage in soft silicone. It is comfortable to wear and available at a good price. This chastity cage is a real alternative to metal or polycarbonate cages, which are less pleasant to wear, especially over long periods.

It is well known, that abstinence leads to higher and more intense levels of arousal. When you cannot have sex or masturbate for a long time, you increase the tension and the discharge will be more intense. This Lock-a-Willy cage is a modern, innovative and beneficial alternative to traditional chastity cages.

Made of soft, silky silicone, Lock a Willy is much more comfortable to wear than a metal cage or one made of plastic, especially when worn over long periods of time. Once in place, this cage prevents the wearer from having sex or masturbating. They can urinate freely, thanks to a slight opening at the front of the cage, or shower, thanks to its waterproof design. You can even ride a bike, which is not possible with a cage made from metal or polycarbonate.

Lock a Willy comes with an adjustable combination padlock and six plastic clasps that can be cut when the abstinence period is over.

In order to suit all penis sizes, Lock a Willy comes with three rings of different sizes.

Chastity cage made of soft, silky silicone
Flexible, comfortable to wear and offered at a great price
Prevents all sexual relations or masturbation
Suitable for all penis sizes (3 adjustment rings provided)
Cage has an opening at the front allowing the wearer to urinate freely
Comes with a padlock and six plastic clasps

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Package contents:
- 1 Lock a Willy male chastity cage
- 3 rings of different sizes (to suit all penis sizes)
- 2 connection chains
- 1 digital padlock with adjustable combination
- 6 numbered plastic locks

EAN : 8717903272800

Lock a Willy silicone chastity cage

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 (16 reviews)

By Tamara Lupo on 30/01/2022
Discovering Lock a Willy

In the search for a tuttorial, just got my Lock a Willy and it's been a little hard for me to make it fit, looking forward to get some advice..i'll really apreciate it.

By Sagat on 22/08/2021

it's fantastic, I recommend it to anyone who wants to have personal pleasure and feel submissive. Pleasure, chastity, madness, all senses awaken. I love it

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