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Love Body Ren Hole Royal Masturbator

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Love Body Ren Hole Royal is the 5th masturbator of the Love Body series. It is made of two layers, its weight is 220 g and has a total length of 16 cm.

Behind the tight entrance a nub-collar stimulates the penis head during penetration. The curved shaped tunnel is covered with dozens of pearl nubs. The dual-layer structure is clearly visible. The material of the tunnel is slightly harder than the outside one.

Right after the entrance zone the penis has to go through a tight nub area. Afterwards the bottom part of the penis head will be stimulated by a thick nub pearl cluster. Then you will have to go through another cone shaped nub zone that eventually leads into a tight chamber that is again covered with several nubs.

The TPR material is very expandable nontoxic and odourless. Its surface is smooth and non-sticky.

• 100 % Made in Japan!

Can be used and fitted into Love Body Ren. The front side’s shape prevents the masturbator from accidentally slipping too deep into the Love Body.

Love Body Ren Hole Royal Masturbator

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