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We present a range of high-quality lubricants for him & her. Among our great selection (Durex, Pjur, Eros, Ceylor, Fleshlight and more), youíll find lubricants specially designed for sexual intercourse, massages of the body and also for sex toys.

Which lubricant is right for you?

Lubricants were originally used to combat vaginal dryness, easing the friction caused by penetrative sex. Lubricating gel was used to make sex more pleasurable and less painful, and this remains an important function today. Now, these gels come in a range of different types, and offer much more than comfort - they can also help spice up your sex life. Todayís consumers want a product that suits their individual requirements, and so a vast choice is now available. So, how to choose? What sort of lubricant do you need? To start with, decide what sort of sex you want to use it for, and what you want it to do. Lubricants can be used to make sex easier, to get higher performance from sex toys or for extra pleasure.

There are dozens of brands selling lubricants, and hundreds of different types. The biggest names are Durex, Ceylor, JoyDivision, Pjur, K-Y, Cobeco Pharma, Eros, Shunga and MEDintim, but there are many more lubricant manufacturers. Then, you have to choose a particular feature, like powerful lubrication or long-lasting lubrication, ejaculation delay, stimulation, for vaginal or anal penetration, for fisting, natural, flavoured, edible, scented, warming or cooling, or semen-style lubricant cream, for connoisseurs.

Our sexy online shop has a huge range of brands and types of lubricants, so itíd be easy to get confused. In order to help you narrow things down, we have organised our lubricants into several categories. There are three major groups: vaginal, anal or specialised, i.e. for a very particular use or that work especially well with sex toys from the same brand. Then, you can take a look at water-based lubricants, as these are more practical due to their non-sticky and non-staining properties. They are also ideal for use with all silicone sex toys. However, the water in these gels can evaporate or be absorbed by the skin, meaning you need to reapply them in order to get good lubrication. Silicone lubricants are the best known and most widely used lubricants. Once applied, these last longer than other lubricants as their lubrication is very powerful. As they are made from silicone, they are water resistant and provide long-lasting lubrication, but they canít be used with silicone sex toys. There are also oil based lubricants, a natural alternative which nourishes and hydrates the sensitive tissues of your sexual organs. These are suitable for all kinds of sex. Some people also like to introduce a little something sweet into the bedroom. Edible or flavoured lubricants are the ideal solution! Warming or cooling lubricants are perfect for heightening sensations and discovering new pleasures. They provide intense sensations, combining warmth and cold for extremely sexy experiences!

Youíll wonder what you ever did without lubricant, as it adds to natural lubrication and makes sex more comfortable, as well as being able to bring something new and exciting! It can play a major role in your sex life, and improve it in all sorts of ways. Choose the right lubricant for you at!
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