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LELO Luna Beads LUXE Vaginal Balls - Stainless Steel

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LELO Luna Beads LUXE Vaginal Balls - Stainless Steel CHF 1'975.00 Ships in 2-3 days Ships in 2-3 daysFree Shipping!
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Luxury vaginal balls made from stainless steel, for toning your perineum and creating sensual pleasure with your partner.

LELO LUNA Beads LUXE Silver are a top of the range, elegant and seductive edition of the biggest selling vaginal balls worldwide. They are sure to give you irresistible pleasure during foreplay and beyond.

Ideal for toning your perineum, with regular use they can help you to increase sexual pleasure for both yourself and your partner. They are also perfect for spicing up foreplay and erotic games. These pleasure balls can be used on their own or with a partner, and their stainless steel will vibrate in sync with your body’s movements when you wear them.

They offer a lot more than just new sensations: they can stimulate and strengthen your perineal muscles, creating a whole range of health benefits as well as enabling more frequent, more intense orgasms.

These vaginal balls have been weighted perfectly (2 x 47 grams), making them suitable for all women.

• Top of the range vaginal balls, made of silvery stainless steel with an elegant design
• Ideal for rehabilitating or toning the perineum
• Regular use can increase sensations and promote orgasms
• Based on the biggest selling vaginal balls worldwide (LELO Luna Beads)
• Presented in a stunning gift box with a 2 year warranty
• Extremely safe, comfortable and hygienic

Materials: Stainless Steel / Phthalate-free Silicone
Dimensions: 89 x 35 x 16mm
Weight: 2 x 47 grams

LELO Luna Beads LUXE Vaginal Balls - Stainless Steel

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