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MALE Butter Anal Lubricant - 250 ml (vaseline-based)

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MALE Butter from Cobeco Pharma is a very thick yet smooth lubricant, designed primarily for anal use. This "anal butter" provides long-lasting pleasure and optimal lubrication, due its vaseline-based formula.

The unique formula of this MALE Butter provides unrivalled softness, and maximum comfort during sexual activity. What’s more, it also hydrates skin and makes it silky smooth. Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is the basis for this lubricant, making it super-slippery and providing long lasting lubrication. MALE Butter spreads easily, and can be used in water (shower, bath, etc.). It is suitable for activities requiring major dilation, such as fisting, anal intercourse or using XXL sex toys. This highly effective lubricant is not sticky or runny and does not stain.

This Cobeco Pharma MALE Butter has a consistent texture. It is not compatible with latex condoms, however, as vaseline damages latex after a few minutes.

Contents: 250 ml

MALE Butter Anal Lubricant - 250 ml (vaseline-based)

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