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Manix SKYN Elite - Extra lubricated - non-latex (14 Condoms)

Manix SKYN Elite - Extra lubricated - non-latex (14 Condoms)
Manix SKYN Elite - Extra lubricated - non-latex (14 Condoms) CHF 22.90

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Feel the slightest of intimate sensations with these extra-lubricated Skyn Elite condoms from the brand Manix. These condoms are thinner than conventional contraceptives and offer 40% more lubrication to make penetration easier and more enjoyable. Featuring SkynFeel technology, their texture is incredibly soft to allow you to experience sensations close to that of skin-to-skin. This pack of 14 condoms is specially designed for people looking to maximise their comfort.

The Manix Skyn Elite extra-lubricated condom is a real revolution in the world of contraceptives. 20% thinner than the famous Skyn Original, Skyn Elite extra-lubricated is also super soft and offers unparalleled comfort. The surface is coated with a special lubricant that is 40% more moist and friction-free than Skyn Original condoms. With a reservoir tip and a smooth texture, these contraceptives are particularly recommended in cases of vaginal dryness.

Latex-free. Allergen-free.
SKYN condoms are made of SkynFeel, a polyisoprene-based material. They do not contain natural rubber latex and are, therefore, particularly recommended for people with latex allergies.

These condoms will allow you to maximise your pleasure thanks to their high lubricating power while benefiting from effective protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Pack of 14 Extra-lubricated SKYN Elite condoms
40% more lubrication for more enjoyable sex
Offers more sensations thanks to SkynFeel technology
Natural coloured, straight condoms with reservoir tip

Material: Polyisoprene (latex-free)
Size: 53 mm of nominal width - 180 mm in length
Reservoir tip: Yes
Contents: 14 Extra-lubricated Manix SKYN Elite condoms

EAN : 3532281692560
Manix SKYN Elite - Extra lubricated - non-latex (14 Condoms)

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